Sunday, August 19, 2007

Maggie singing Gabriella

This is a video of Maggie singing her favorite song from the first movie. We showed HSM 1 as a preshow to the new one.

Gotta turn it up to get the full effect.

My faorite part is when she tells her friend she's too close to the TV and she needs to move back. Think she's around me a bit too much?

Sorry about the poor quality, but it's still a trip and definitely rehearsal dinner material for the future!


Martha said...

oh my gosh, bridge, gidge, and midge....... coming to theaters near you.

Jennifer said...

Oh my word, please invite me next time so I can take it all in first hand. I may even wear my prom dress from high school if I could get in it!ha Wow, fun times in Jax!