Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Isn't that Special

So I think I'm officially The Church Lady. I love my church and our friends/community there. It's really a great place to be. Lots of cool, fun people who are all a mess and know it. Our pastors are great, the kids programs are really awesome, and they serve Krispy Kremes between services. Lately I have found myself up there more than I care to admit, though. You see, Ian and I live about 30 minutes from MPC and there are days when I make that trip back and forth three times. If you're following along at home, that's 3 hours in the mini listening to a Supercalifragilisticexpealidocious. The twins are in preschool there (which is the best preschool evah), and I'm on both the session and another committee that meets once a week. I am also doing the moms group, Maggie has kids choir on Mondays, and now Ian has become a middle school small group leader so he's there every Wednesday night. We are the Church People. One thing Ian and I started going to at church recently is a Dave Ramsey Class called Financial Peace University. It's basically a majorly intense video series that kicks your booty into shape financially. So we're living on cash, paying out of envelopes, and trying to wrap our minds around the fact that we can't go to Don Juans for Chicken Flautas whenever we feel like it.

Speaking of flautas, apparantly I've had one too many so I decided I should start Weight Watchers again. So last week I took the plunge and made myself go to one of those dreaded meetings. I hate those things, but the new leader was really good and funny so it was do-able. The first time I started WW I was pretty excited to do it. This time, not so much. Even though it's a new plan, I know what it means, which is basically stop inhaling fries and Blue Bell ice cream on a daily basis.. And that's just no fun, people. So, needless to say, I've been a little bit cranky this week. Lack of sugar will do that to you.

And so will cutting back on your crazy pills. That's right...the third tier of the triple threat...Zoloft. I decided (along with my doc of course cause you just can't adjust that stuff yourself or you will be WHACK!) to try to cut back just a little bit on the big Z to see if that could help me lose some weight. I thought it was going fine and giving me more energy and will power, but it was also making me Angry Mommy. No fun...for them or for me. I could tell such a difference in my temperment, as well as my anxiety. The triple threat was complete...no excessive spending, no excessive chocolate eating, and hey let's try to cut back on the meds while I do all this. Brilliant!

The problem with all this is that they all happened at the same time. I want to be a grown up, people, I really do. But I just can't do it all at once. I'm left with no vices.. I mean how can I give up Target trips for Dave Ramsey, yet not break my WW vows by drowning my consumer habit in Hershey's syrup? Something's gotta give. So, it was the crazy pills. Back up to my normal dosage so Mama can deal with life in a way that won't make her or her family lose their minds.

So incredibly thankful that this is the Truth that is sung over me:

My grace is sufficient for you, for my power is made perfect in your weakness.
2 Corinthians 12:9

Friday, October 7, 2011

Pinkarilla and Purparilla

This one's for all the faithful Sleepless in Jacksonville followers who know the ups and downs of my journey with the twins. This ACTUALLY happened today. Do not try this at home. As a matter of fact, don't try it at all. You CAN NOT, I repeat, CAN NOT make this happen. It just happens in one of those magical mothering moments. If this doesn't seem like a big deal to you, well, then, you've completely forgotten what it's like to have littles. Enjoy...

Thursday, September 1, 2011

TMI, but I can't resist...

Zoe (my sweet Zo Zo who is too young to have an inner monologue, but I don't think age is going to help her much on that front), walked in my bathroom today before I was completely clothed. She was remarking about by ta-tas and then she asked me, "Did you buy those Mommy?".

No,no I did not. Though I do know people that have...

Saturday, August 27, 2011

New Every Morning...

What a week. First day of school was on Monday and the girls did great. Mama did great too. I spent literally two hours cleaning and organizing my LAUNDRY ROOM. Yeah, believe that. Trying to get a little organized for when the kiddos come home and drop their backpacks, lunchboxes, shoes, socks, folders and papers right there on the floor. We do not raise Type A children in this house. It sure would be nice if we had a touch of it, though.

Monday night Maggie came in my room with a headache. The next morning she had a fever, followed by a positive strep test, followed by a full week of bad sickness. I really felt for her...this is the kid who has been through so much over the past 6 months - strep followed by flu followed by bad tummy issues. Bless her heart. Bless my heart. Whew, it's been a doozy.

It's Saturday and she is still puny, though finally eating some and starting to bug her sisters - which as any mama knows is always a good sign. Praying, though, that she will continue to be positive and realize that the Lord's got her as we nurse her belly back to health. Yogurt, probiotics, reflux meds, staying calm. The phrase I kept repeating to her (and myself) this week was, "God's mercies are new every morning." It's amazing how simple your faith gets when you are going through some kind of suffering. I found myself clinging to short phrases of truth, repeating them like a mantra so that I would believe them both for myself and my little girl.

Another big deal this week is that our really fun, really crazy, really dear friend - the Kibbeys - are moving to Singapore (and yeah, you read that right). Last Sunday we had them over for Ian's barbeque, onion rings, potato salad and peach cobbler...followed by a mean game of Michael Jackson Wii. For those of you who are wondering, my hip is fine. It was a bittersweet time but as usual we had a blast.

Thankfully Mindy and I had a chance to visit yesterday and pray for a while. What a sweet friend. She is a total stud and if you're ever in Singapore you would be remiss not to look up this chick and get some time with her!

Here are some pics of sweet memories with this family:

BTW, they have a daughter that we LOVE named Chelsea, but she graduated from high school this year and was not there when we did these shindigs!

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Blame it on the Boogie

I'm feeling my age. I know that sounds crazy because compared to other people, like old people, I'm not that old. But this June I turned 39 and for the first time my body is starting to feel different, though my mind refuses to follow.

Case in point: this Mother's Day I asked for one thing...The Michael Jackson Wii Experience. After all, isn't that what we all want in life? I played it a few times this spring, but it wasn't until a late night dance party with my sister and her husband that I really got the full effect of the MJ experience. I had caught the boogie bug in a bad way, so when I got back home the next week I decided to try it again...by myself...in my den...work it, own it, work it. It was fun, it was a workout, and I was awesome.

Until the next morning. I wasn't all that sore, like I thought I might be. Instead, I had this awful pain in my hip. I mean like pain that makes you limp, pain that makes you stretch all day, pain that reverberates all through your legs...then back...then neck. Ouch. I thought taking advil and stretching it out would help. It didn't. I thought wearing my tennis shoes instead of my trusty (i.e. only other pair of shoes I wear) flip flops would do the trick. It didn't. I thought sitting around and eating ice cream would help. It did...a little...but then it didn't.

What is happening to me? I am not bouncing back with the same spring I used to. I've spent quite a bit of time thinking through this over the past two weeks and it just doesn't make sense. You mean to tell me I can't "leave that 9-5 up on the shelf and just enjoy myself" like I used to? Annoying. Really annoying.

And I'm sure it can't be attributed to the fact that I NEVAH exercise and I'm carrying around 20 extra pounds, can it?

I've gotta pull myself together. Everyone says your metabolism slows down when you turn 40 and if that's so then my turtle trot pace will quickly become a snail. What can I do about this, you ask yourself? Two words... Bertha Kelley.

Prepare yourself...I am about to introduce you to a woman that defies all explanation...but I'll try anyway. This woman is on youtube and she makes a video or two almost every day...in her house...dancing...singing...with her karaoke machine...and the two fake deer on her coffee table.

It gets better.

Bertha Kelley lives in the house where my brother in law, Kelly, grew up. Kelly's pastor sent him this link when he found out about the sensation that is Mrs. Kelley. When I first saw it I couldn't contain myself and I watched it for about an hour straight. What an inspiration. I'll just let you be the judge:

Hot Stuff by Bertha Kelley

Yes, that is for real. Yes, that is her real hair. And yes, Kelly definitely had Christmas morning on that very same floor.

You're welcome.

Monday, February 7, 2011

My Birthday - written by The Magster

My birthday is coming up soon! I'm going to get a lot of presents! My birthday is on Valentine's Day. We are going to Charleston for a sleepover with my friend, Emma, and then when we are done and all up and dressed we are going to go from Charleston to my grandparents' beach house. And it'll be cold, but they have an indoor pool where we can swim.

I'm going to be 8 years old and I've had a stuffed animal named Num Num ever since I was born. My great aunt Judy gave her to me. She is kinda pink, has a heart that is kinda ripped on the top, and two ears that I like to move my fingers up and down on. That's called numming. My Dad made up the name "Num Num" because when I was little and I would get hungry I would make that sound with my mouth and they would know I wanted a bottle. Ok...back to the birthday...

This past weekend I made a cake with my grandma, Nonnie. It was red velvet with chocolate icing and white chocolate dribbles. It tasted DEEELICIOUS. My mom's been eating it ever since. Some things that I want for my birthday are jazz shoes, a fushigi ball, and Mad Libs.
Those are just some of the things I want. I can't list all of them because I gotta go to bed.

The best thing about being 7 was: "First and second grade"
The thing I'm most looking forward to about being 8: "Being 5 years older than Zoe and Tori, until they are 4"



Thursday, January 13, 2011

Potty training and other frustrations...

Life with a child with special needs is a little weird. It's especially wierd when your child's needs aren't very pronounced. Tori, for instance, is a tiny person, but she can do pretty much everything that other kids can do. So I guess what's wierd about it is that I feel wierd even saying she has special needs because there are so many parents with kids who have "special-er" needs. Whatever.

Anyway, the tough thing about it for me is that it's hard to know when to push her and when to cut her some slack. After all, she is missing some genetic material so who knows how that affects her? But she does things so well that I never know if she's just being a stubborn three year old or if her body and mind just don't work the same as mine. I'm not complaining here, just stating the facts. In the world of parenting, where game time discipline, potty training, sleeping and eating decisions are made every second on a regular basis, it's tough to rattle through all the normal uncertainty of parenting with the extra "what if she just doesn't do this the same way" factor. Plus, then if I get frustrated with her I feel extra guilty because she's so little and so darn cute. I'm a sucker.

Why am I venting all this? Well, because last week I got SO frustrated with her potty training. She does great while she's at school, but then she comes home and really fights me every time I try to get her to go to the potty. So then I end up manhandling her and carrying her to the bathroom, threatening trouble if she doesn't listen and sit down to pee. Fun. She always sits down, and she always pees. But then literally five minutes later she will just pee in her pants. And don't try to tell me it's out of defiance because it might be and I just don't want to hear it. Also, she will poop in her panties and then tell me she needs to go potty. I'll run in the bathroom after her only to find that she's pulled down her pants and the poop has rolled all over the bathroom floor. Fun. Totally frustrating for me. I was literally about to put her back in diapers because I was so ticked. I didn't know what to do - do I start all over with the potty training? Is she ever going to get this? Will she be in pull ups forever? Some kids with chromosome disorders never get out of diapers...not the ones who have her particular disorder, but you know how your mind goes from one extreme to the other. It was not a fun time for me. Or for her, I imagine.

Aaaaaanyway, I picked up my little "Jesus Calling" devotional on Monday when I was losing it and here's what it said:

I AM WITH YOU AND FOR YOU. When you decide on a course of action that is in line with My will, nothing in heaven or on earth can stop you. You may encounter many obstacles as you move toward your goal, but don't be discouraged - never give up! With My help, you can overcome any obstacle. Do not expect an easy path as you journey hand in hand with Me, but do remember that I, your very-present Helper, am omnipotent.
Much, much stress results from your wanting to make things happen before their times have come. One of the main ways I assert My sovereignty is in the timing of events. If you want to stay close to Me and do things My way, ask Me to show you the path forward moment by moment. Instead of dashing headlong toward your goal, let Me set the pace. Slow down, and enjoy the journey in My Presence.

Ok, so I'm not sure about enjoying the potty training, poop rolling on the floor part of the journey. What I am reminded of, though, is that God really cares about these little things that seem like big things in my little girl's life. Seriously, that was the devotion for that particular day in my little life? Yes. Seriously, He knows my innermost thoughts and concerns about the possibility of pull ups taking over my house and life forever? Yes. And Wow.

Thank you Lord, for the frustration that bothered me enough to seek you in your Word, and for being sweet enough to meet this Mama right where she is....which at this stage in life just happens to be on my bathroom floor, beside a little person on a little potty.

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

I can't believe I haven't done this before now...

Broken my toe, that is. Ouch and ouch. I was training for a marathon and I was running so fast and furiously that I tripped over a patch in the sidewalk and broke my toe. Yeah, right. Actually, I was getting into the shower and decided to kick the dirty clothes from the bathroom to the bedroom floor. Forgot about the little raised up tile thingy and whamo. So smart, so graceful, way to go Ace.

Thankfully my real marathon running friends told me that yes, in fact, I did break it, so they let me borrow athletic tape since, let's be honest, the only thing I have in my house that can hold my toes together is Barbie band-aids. Thanks Krista! It pays to have friends that actually DO workout.

Sunday, January 2, 2011

Time to make the donuts...

Can't believe school/work starts again tomorrow. We had such a restful break and I'm sad to see everyone go back tomorrow. It's been great having Ian home and getting the chance to just hang out together with the girls. We are going to have to detox a bit - been watching a lot of movies, playing lots of wii, computer games, DS games. Thankfully the past few days have been so warm that we've been able to get outside and play. We actually spent New Year's Eve cooking out and roasting marshmallows on Ian's new Tarheel Fire Pit...yeah, you read that right. I'll have to get some pics on here. It's so fun and we've had more than our fair share of s'mores since he got it at Christmas.

Yesterday Ian and I went to Starbucks for what I hope has now become a tradition...we did it last year too so I guess that counts. Anyway, we got Caitlyn to babysit (and she rocks!) so that he and I could go sit and spend some time looking back over the past year. Then we tried to think about 2011 and what we would like to see happen. We are both so resistant to setting goals or resolutions because neither one of us are good at keeping them, so instead we titled our list "2011 stuff" and went from there.

I think this tradition might be one of my favorites. It gives us a chance to actually take stock in things...how are we doing as a couple, as parents, as friends and members of our church? Are we spending our money wisely? What do we want to do with the house this year? How's our time with the Lord, relationships with family, our health? I love doing that kind of stuff because it makes me love Ian even more. He is just very gracious and, well, he's just my best friend.

In December we celebrated our ten year anniversary so we've done quite a bit of looking back lately. We have really been through a lot in ten years; more than I care to name here. Some times have been really tough, and some very very sweet. We still fight about pretty much the same things we fought about when we were dating, but we laugh a lot harder together than we ever have. I'm just so glad he's my man:).

OK, sorry if I'm grossing you out (mainly Sandy and Mom since you two are the only ones reading this probably). I guess these past couple weeks having him home have really reminded me of all the things I love about him. I'm hoping and praying for many more decades with him, and also hoping and praying that our girls find men who love them as well as Ian has loved me!

P.S. This post was not simply a suck up for the iPad he bought me:)