Monday, August 13, 2007

Awwww yeahhh...let the countdown begin! HSM2 comes out in four days! Maggie and I are having a HSM2 party with some moms and daughters to celebrate. It's going to be so fun, even though none of these folks have seen the first one. I think my four year old is the only one at our church who has seen it. Not sure what that says about me except for the fact that I like a break from Veggie Tales every once in a while.

We are both so excited - it's been so fun to have something to plan together. We love to sing the songs and learn the dances. And now we're planning the little party. Man, I love having daughters (and boy, do I have them!). I really don't think I could enjoy a kid any more than I do Maggie. Today she was making me laugh so hard that I was about to wet my pants. She's a trip!


Anonymous said...

Hey Buff! I actually watched HSM1 with my brother and cousins and few weeks ago and it is catchy, if a little on the cheesy side! Have fun at your par-tay!! Love, Becca

judy stanton said...

Well it looks like Maggie is all set up for school this year with her HSM apparel!!! I really miss those days--shopping with the girls for the PERFECT school supplies--and BELIEVE ME, they had to have THE PERFECT ones--and every year there was a new MUST HAVE item!!!HA! It really was a fun and special time! I can't wait for Addie to get old enough for all of that!!

Love You!!
ps...wish I could come to your HSM2 party..I'm going to watch for sure!!!