Monday, August 13, 2007

Hot mama's, do you feel me?

Just got done changing the crib sheet in my daughters' cribs and I'm so cranky. Why does it have to be so hard to change a dadgum crib sheet?

I am so serious about this - every time I had to change it when Mag was little it made me so hot, sweaty and cranky that I really just wanted to leave the puke-covered sheet on there. Thankfully, the twins aren't even sleeping in their cribs yet (except for Zoe during her naptime), so I don't have to change them often.

Where do they sleep, you ask?

Answer...still in their car seats. Is that so wrong?


judy stanton said...

Yo-Buff, those were the times when I mumbled every cuss word I had ever heard of to myself--only not out loud--I would NEVER say those words out loud! HA! Somehow it always made me feel a matter of fact, it still does, to this day when I get in one of those fits! Oh, I almost forgot the most important part--you must grit your teeth as you internalize all of those lovely words!! All the while remaining a lady and "in control"!!!

Love you!!

Michelle said...

Buffy--hey, it's Shellie! I linked on here after being on Leslie's blog. Your posts are so hilarious!
I have to totally agree with you about changing crib sheets. Why are they so hard to change? I mean, I will really let it go way much longer than I should to avoid this annoying chore.
Here's a mom tip I learned from a friend...Layer the crib sheets so that you have mattress, pad, sheet, pad, sheet. That way you only have to change them every other time & (hopefully) never in the middle of the night again.
Your blog is awesome and I, too, am super excited for HSM2!

katy said...

good try, mom, we heard every word you were mumbling. that was the worst when you would start those rages!!! oh, and by the way, yes buff, I FEEL your pain with the sheets- there should be something by now that could make that task easier!!

Elizabeth Bernardo said...

Buffy, I can't believe you haven't gotten the Universal Crib Sheet. You put the pretty one on so that the pattern shows and then this one is a flat sheet that has elastic loops and snaps on the sides and ends. When you need to change it you just pull the Universal Crib sheet up by unsnapping it. In a pinch you can do it one handed if you pull really hard. We change the matching crib sheets every few months because we feel guilty if we don't, but the top sheets get changed whenever we need to with little effort. Every twin Mom has GOTTA GET EM!!!

Elizabeth - another mom of twins