Friday, December 18, 2009

Sorry if I scared you...

I got quite a few phone calls and emails after that last post. Sorry. I really am ok. Just a stressful week and sometimes I take it out on my blog.

This week has been a trip. Thankfully Tori is finally feeling better, though all of us are barking around the house with colds. Aunt Miranda has been visiting this week and the kids have had such a blast! I will post a video of what they were doing the other night while I was making dinner. They all were laughing so hard that they were rolling on the ground.

Then yesterday the twins had their program at school. HI-larious. Classic Smith twins. They know all the words to all the songs - and the motions - but they didn't sing a lick. Watch and see...

Incredible camera work by me, as usual.

Here's how things ended up...

Both girls sitting on the edge of the stage on Nonnie's lap. Not sure they are going to have Maggie's stage presence, which may be a good thing. I don't know if we could handle three divas in the family.

Monday, December 14, 2009

This past week or two

Things I have been doing:

*Wiping noses
*Giving breathing treatments
*Carrying around Tori like an extra appendage
*Craving chocolate
*Satisfying my craving for chocolate
*Buying medicine
*Administering medicine
*Yelling a lot
*Feeling guilty at lot
*Overall losing it at least a couple times a day

Things I have not been doing:

*Reading my Bible
*Praying - except for the occasional "God Bless America" out of sheer frustration and a desire not to teach my kids words they shouldn't know yet

I am pretty sure that the things I have not been doing are directly affecting the things I have been doing. OK, not the sickness part, but the yelling/guilt/losing it parts. I know myself well enough to know that I cannot change out of sheer will, but I really need the Lord's strength to change my heart so that I'll take better care of myself, and in turn I'll take better care of my family. So, Lord, hook a sister up!