Sunday, August 5, 2007

Could it be a pattern?

I'm quite sure I'm jinxing myself here, but the blog karma is in full effect because Tori slept through the night Friday and Saturday nights! Amazing that the little seven pounder is the sleeper and the ten pounder is the one waking up at 4 am to drain 6 ounces of formula. Either way, it's WAY better than before!

Today our little fam decided to take an outing, which is a major undertaking. We loaded up the van and listened to Zoe scream for 30 straight minutes while we rode out to the beach. Our good friend, Mary Lyn and TF Jenkins live in Ponte Vedra and asked us to join them at the pool. They have two adorable kiddos - Hill is 3 years old and Mary Crawford is four months. Maggie and Hill had a blast and Maggie is such a swimmer now! She was leaping off the wall and swimming to me and Ian - AMAZING! We kept the babies in the shade and they pretty much snoozed. I think someone may call DSS on me because Tori's eyelids are looking pretty red right now. I had her in the shade and even put sunscreen on her, but I think she still got a little sun around her eyes. She doesn't seem too traumatized - she's chillin in the swing right now.

High School Musical Quote of the Day:

"Hey...Just call me 'Freaky Call-Back Boy'."