Tuesday, July 31, 2007

What's the prognosis?

I just got back from the grocery store, picking up Tori's meds, and the pharmacist saw that I had twins. She told me they were cute and asked how old they are. I told her they are 10 weeks and I also have a 4 year old. Her response was, "I have a girlfriend who has a one year old and just got diagnosed with twins. She's freaking out."

Diagnosed? Do I have some kind of disease? Sometimes it feels that way! But mostly it's just a blessing. I know people think it's impossible and wonder what in the world they would do with two infants. The truth of the matter is that you don't have time to wonder what to do...you just do it.

Thankfully the girls are smiling some and laughing a little. Zoe's been doing this for a while, and Tori just started smiling a bit, which is very gratifying. Tori has also made some cooing sounds, which is a refreshing change from her pterodactyl cry she makes off and on pretty much all day. Zoe is a coo-er, but she has a major set of lungs and is not afraid to use them to get what she wants.

By the way, this picture is of the girls wearing their onesies that Maggie made for them at her "sibling class" at the hospital before they were born. Aren't they cute!
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Monday, July 30, 2007

Victoria Beckham Coming To America

Please tell me you saw this special on Victoria Beckham. It was HI-larious. I am now committing to saying everything is "Major". Join me?

Sunday, July 29, 2007

Hannas Visit

So fun! Last night my cousin, Katy, came to visit with her husband Zack and daughter Addie. They were on their way home from Zack's grandmother's funeral and decided to break up the trip to Charleston by spending the night with us. It was great to see them - and we LOVED getting to see Addie. She is a precious one year old girl who had a blast with Maggie. Maggie loved being the "big one" of the group - made me look forward to the days when the twins will look up to Maggie!

Tonight should be fun, too. Ian and I are going out on our second date since the twins were born! The first one was while my mom was here that first week. It's been a while since we've had an uninterrupted conversation, let alone a night out! Katy and Emily, our babysitters, are coming to tackle the evening while we're away. Not sure what we'll do, but does it really matter?

I'm off to nap with the Mag. Weekends are so great because Ian can be on twin watch while I catch some z's with Maggie. I'm so thankful for my hubby!

Saturday, July 28, 2007

Sleeping much?

This morning Maggie and I made muffins and coffee together. We mixed the batter and filled the muffin tin. The oven beeped that it was preheated. I put the muffins in and started to make the coffee. A minute later I realized I hadn't set the timer, so I set it for 10 minutes.
Two minutes later, as I was about to leave the kitchen, I glanced over to see that I never put the muffins in the oven like I thought.

Yesterday I almost put a prepared bottle of milk in the cabinet with the glasses.
I've watched High School Musical so many times this week that I could literally star in every role in the movie.

As Troy Bolton and the Wildcats of East High always remind me, "Get your head in the game."

Friday, July 27, 2007

Don't be fooled

By the way, that picture of me below is not from this summer. Au contraire. Gals gained 60 pounds being pregnant with twins and gals have a ways to go before the weight is gone.

But really, who is going to put a bad picture of themselves out there for everyone to see? Not this mama.

I'm off to eat some Lucky Charms.

Needing some outside time

Tori chillin'

So yesterday afternoon I was going a little stir crazy, so I took the girls outside to the "back yard." It was blazing hot, but I had to breathe fresh air. Maggie complained pretty much the whole time until I brought a rice krispy treat out for her. Here are some pics of our big adventure.

Zoe (always on her stomach or else she'll throw up)

Maggie eating her snack with attitude

Feeding two at once

Yesterday got a little crazy so I had to feed both girls at once! Not my favorite thing to do, but sometimes it happens. Maggie took the picture for me. As you can see, it didn't work out that well for Tori. Zoe will eat pretty much anytime you put a bottle in front of her. (She looks like me and eats like me!).
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My girls

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Thursday, July 26, 2007

We'll See How Long This Lasts...

Hello and Welcome to my new blog! I used to think these things were stupid - I mean, who would be conceited enough to think people would want to read daily accounts of some normal person's life? Well, apparantly I am that conceited person.

Why am I doing this? Well, I am a stay at home mom with a four year old daughter, 10 week old twin girls, and a husband that works a busy (but great) job. Sometimes life in this townhouse can get downright monotonous, so I figured, "Why not subject my friends and family to the monotony?". At least I'm sure my mom will read it.

I also just long for a connection with the outside world - a world where people drink lattes and have lunch meetings and go to Target. A world where yoga pants and tank tops with spit up stains are not an option. Don't get me wrong - the grass is very green in my little life. I really do spend some time every day in awe of the life I lead - thankful I don't have to work a 9-5 job, that I have three precious girls, that my husband loves me and that it's virtually always 70 degrees or warmer outside. But having a newborn (much less TWO newborns) can be a little isolating...hence the need for the blog.

I must admit my inspiration is my sweet sister-in-law, Leslie Sloan. Her blog is a total trip and is my lifeline some days. You should check it out - it's ashevillesloan.blogspot.com (I think). So if my blog gets boring, then check hers out for a little laugh. I'll try to keep this interesting and hopefully I'll be able to keep up the posts. I'm never sure what my days will look like, but I'll give it a whirl! (What I mean to say is that hopefully this is not my first and last post!). Enjoy!