Wednesday, August 29, 2007


My sweet little twins have tummy problems. They have reflux, colic, acidy stomach, indigestion - whatever you want to call it...they have it. They've had it for quite some time and they are on some meds, which are helping. They are also on this special formula called Similac Alimentum. When the girls first got their tummy problems we were willing to try anything to stop the puking (when I say puking I mean puking - not just spit up). One day a couple months ago I got thrown up on four times. That's four-ish showers for me and four baths of infants in one day, for those of you who are counting.

Anyhoo, the Alimentum has been great, but they're a little picky about it. They won't drink the powder kind (which is a bit cheaper). They will only drink the Ready To Feed kind, which used to cost about $8.46 a bottle. Well, let's just say that I think we have singlehandedly driven up the prices of this priceless formula because much to my surprise it now costs $9.63 per bottle. Can you believe that? And you're asking yourself, "How many bottles do you need in a week?". Well friends, the answer these days is one bottle a day! Can you believe that? I can't. I mean, they know they've got you hook, line, and sinker because anyone who has a "colicky baby" with a "gassy stomach" is willing to try anything to get them to shut the heck up, stop puking and sleep for a little while.

So, the long and short of it is that we spend about $70-$90 a week on formula.


(For those of you at home, Jeef is a "sloan-ism" meaning, well, meaning a lot of things. But in this instance it means - ugh.)

What a shame that the large endowment(s) the good Lord gave me don't work the way they're supposed to.

(By the way, the girls are worth every penny. Just wanted to vent a little.)

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