Thursday, May 23, 2013

Thinking about renaming the blog...

This could be a fresh start... a chance to redeem myself with all my many followers (insert maniacal laugh here).  Seriously, I never did this for everyone else.  Just for me.  Except for that time I put the "hit counter" on here, and when I shamelessly pimped my posts on facebook, which I will continue to do, of course.

The truth is, I have missed writing.  I find it difficult to make myself sit down and concentrate on something that might be the very least may be something my kids will scroll through one day.  But I think I might be ADD.  I'm not saying that flippantly.  I really think I might be a highly functioning adult with a touch of ADD.  It flares up at certain points in my day, week, year, and it's debilitating in a way.  Kind of an ugly defeatist mentality, or Satan going to work in my head, or bad mental habits that have grown louder over the years.  Whatever it is, it makes it difficult to "restart" things because I know I will probably not finish them.

Or maybe I'm just lazy.  Or normal.  Or a mom.  Or it's just who I am.

Either way, the naval gazing is not getting me anywhere...unless the cookie jar counts as a worthwhile destination.


OK, anyway, thoughts on a new blog name?  I am open for suggestions.  I would love for this to be a place where I can share ideas, stories, and screw ups and hopefully my "guests" will feel they can relate, or laugh at my antics...

Take for instance, yesterday.  The church musical was last night and all three of my girls were in the performance.  Maggie was "Attorney Steele," and she had a solo during one song.  The twins were a part of the courtroom audience and they sang loud and proud about Simon Peter and how his testimony about Jesus is legit.  It was hilarious.  And I was beaming with mommy pride, until a couple things happened.  First of all, one of the twins (who will remain unnamed) was holding onto coins throughout the performance (which she was told not to bring).  She dropped them during the first half, and then handed her twin the other coin, which was promptly dropped during the second half.  It was obvious and it was loud.  Then one twin tried to put said coin in her breast pocket of her henley tee, and as she was working that out she shamelessly and without realization shared her breasteses with the audience.  Awesome.  Another time one of the twins (again, won't name names) kept brushing her hair off her neck in dramatic fashion.  Here's a visual:

Then the other sweet, innocent, precious little darling twin started gyrating during one of the Jesus songs.  I think the name of the song was, "Come As You Are," so I guess she really took those words to mean that she could dance any way she saw fit.  Again, a visual:

 Awesome, right?

Overall the performance was super sweet and hilarious.  Maggie did coin dropping or pelvic thrusting, but she's 10 so that would have been weird.

A come to Jesus discussion was had after the performance about lying and disobeying by bringing coins on stage.  Then all was made well by a cup of frozen yogurt drowned in gummies, captain crunch, and mochi.  It was a classic Smith family night.  That's the good stuff, right?

I love my little life...