Saturday, June 26, 2010

The Potty Book

Hello, my name is Hannah. I have lots of fun each day.
But first I need my diaper changed so I can go and play
I can eat my breakfast by myself, I can brush my teeth at the sink.
I can choose the clothes I want to wear - I really love hot pink.

Mommy has a big big box, she says it's just for me.
Daddy helps me open in, whatever can it be?
Is it a new rocking chair? Is it a bed for Teddy?
Mom says it's my very own potty to use when I am ready.

I look down at my diaper, it seems to fit just right.
My diaper's where I pee and poop morning, noon, and night.
I sit on my very own potty, my Teddy sits with me.
Off goes my diaper when I want to poop or pee.

Sometimes I hurry to the potty...whoops! I am too late!
Sometime I sit and sing a song, or read a book as I wait.
Uh-oh I had an accident! My pants are very wet.
Mom and Dad say, "That's ok, Hannah! Don't you give up yet!"

Then one morning I wake up and whisper to my Teddy,
"I'm off to the potty. I think this time I'm ready!".
I sit on my very own potty, Teddy sits on my lap,
I wait a bit...I look inside...then I laugh and clap.

"Hooray!" I say, "I did it!". I"m really glad I tried.
Mom and Dad are happy and I feel great inside.
"Bye bye, pee! Bye bye poop!", I say with a wave and a cheer.
Dad says, "Let's call Grandma, this is news she'll want to hear."

Mommy takes me to the store to buy new underwear.
Can you guess who gets to choose that very special pair?
Wanna know a secret? You can do it too!
Just march off to the potty like me and Teddy do.
I'm a big girl now. I can run and jump and play.
I don't want a wet diaper to get in my way.
I'm off to the potty, no more diapers for me!
And I feel great, I am proud of me.

In case you're wondering, Tori is potty training (semi) and since she is my third child undergoing this endeavor we have read this book about a million times.

And I just quoted it to you completely from memory. Thank you very much. Mom and Dad, aren't you glad you spent gazillions of dollars sending me to college?!

Monday, June 21, 2010

Happy Father's Day/Bday

So yesterday was Ian's birthday and, as you know, Father's Day. We had a great day - church, which was awesome, then cooking all day, then cookout with Sandy and the Kibbe fam. I gotta say, my Nana had to be smiling down on our meal last night. I made fried squash (Papa's Favorite), onion rings, cucumbers in vinegar, corn on the cob, and we grilled burgers. Then Maggie and I made Nana's chocolate cake for dessert. Yumm! You know how you try to make recipes like your grandmother and they just never turn out right? Well, somehow the Nana-feelins were with me yesterday because it was good...I mean Yummarific. The chocolate icing was thick and really chocolatey. I think the secret is in excessive amounts of cocoa, and an awesome pink Kitchen-Aid mixer. Not to toot my own horn, but...toot toot toot!!

So the awesome sermon yesterday was about doing good and not needing recognition...I think I may need to listen to that again after all my gluttonous gloating.

Happy Birthday Honey!! What a great Daddy/Man/Hubby you are. Love you so much.
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Friday, June 18, 2010

And another one.

This video is from our trip to Disney a couple weeks ago. Someone gave them this high school musical microphone key chain that plays a song from the movie. Tori really really loved it...