Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Gotta rant a little...

Not like any of you want to hear about my monotonous days, but I just have to put it down somewhere. I can't get these kids to sleep on any regular kind of pattern. I keep reminding myself that they are people and that I don't always act the same every day either. But, I mean, throw me a frickin' bone here, babies. Yesterday started great with Zoe sleeping from about 8-11:30 am, and Tori awake, but chillin. Then I fed them both and Tori started to lose it - because she hadn't slept all day. Keep in mind that the child only weighs 8 pounds and is 12 weeks old, so she needs to sleep...a lot. Tori screams up in her room while I feed Zoe. She screams so hard that when I get up there (about 2-3 minutes later) her little body is shaking from screaming. Ugh. I feel like a great mom - but what can I do? I have to take turns taking care of them.
Tori finally falls asleep for about 30 minutes, at which time she wakes up as I snap her into her car seat.

Here's the really fun part...I had to go to Publix to pick up Tori's medicine, so that means we all had to go to Publix to pick up Tori's medicine. This brings me to my question of the day. How DO you take two infants and a four year old to the grocery store? I mean practically speaking, what do you do? I put the twins in the stroller and had Maggie hold onto it while we got into the store. Zoe is screaming at this point because she hates the car seat. I get the medicine and try to get a few necessities (like peppermint patties and dark chocolate - didn't they say that's good for you?) before we leave the store. This nice man brings me a basket, so I'm pushing the double stroller, holding a basket that I am filling to the brim with heavy goods, and wrangling Maggie away from the Little Debbies. I finally go up to the counter and ask if someone can follow me around with a cart so that I can get Diet Cokes (to wash down all the "good for me" dark chocolate that I bought). This sweet girl named Emily follows me around with a cart while I push my screaming twin, quiet twin and crazy 4 year old around.

Let me just say here that I love Publix. They are so nice and accomodating. They always take the groceries out to the car - they won't let you tip them - and they just want to help you out in any way you can. The Pharmacists there know me by my first name (which IS Buffy, so I guess that's not too amazing), and they are great to take care of us when we come in for the loads of prescriptions we have to get for everyone.

So, to make this the longest and most boring post in history, I will continue with my day. Really it is all summed up in one phrase...Tori did not take a nap AT ALL for the rest of the day. For those of you that are counting, that's only one 30 minute nap the ENTIRE day for my 8 pound barely 3 month old child. Zoe didn't really nap much in the afternoon either. Needless to say, by 4:30 everybody was screaming - including me, on the inside - so I gave them baths and put them in their jammies. Tori was asleep FOR THE NIGHT at 5:45, and Zoe took a little nap until about 7:00. Whew.

They also are still waking up. Every once in a while they'll sleep pretty much all the way through, but not last night. It just doesn't make any sense. I am trying so hard to get everyone on some sort of schedule, but I think they are just too young. I'll keep trying.

Gotta run - someone's crying. Oh wait, that's me. Just kidding!


Katy said...

wow... all I can say is wow. that is CRAZY... you need to be a reality TV show! Buff- hang in there, before you know it they will be entertaining each other while you watch HSM2 or 3 by that point. I cannot begin to "understand" because I have never had 3 kids (2 of which are infants) BUT I can understand the whole screaming through the day ordeal. It seems like it will never end and Addie didn't nap well either (except in my arms which helped me in no way get things done!!) but now I think back... really 4 months will be gone in no time and you'll be able to REALLY enjoy those little divas. easier said than done, huh? you are awesome and we love you!!

Julie said...

and that's why i'm coming.

Anonymous said...

Buffy, Tell Tori the growth hormones get released in her sleep!
She doesn't want to stay 8 lbs, does she? Just reason with the girl.

Was just thinking recently, "I wonder how Buffy does the grocery shopping?". Wonder no more.

Your blog is a trip.


judy stanton said...

Buffy....I always knew you were smart, but today's blog just proved it to me---Publix is "The Bomb" (uh oh, like the commercial on tv says, "I don't think they say that anymore"...)Oh well, you know what I mean---it is just the most fabulous grocery store around!!! I've been telling Kelly and Katy that for years and they always make fun of me for only wanting to go to Publix--I mean it is a "family joke" thing!!! Anyway, I hope the girls sleep better today and tonight!!!!

Anonymous said...

Wow...just when I was feeling sorry for myself, this is exactly the medicine I needed. I officially have a one week old and I'm at the very beginning of the sleep deprivation world. But know that I have SO MUCH admiration for you - there is absolutely no way I could do 2. Obviously the Lord thought VERY highly of you to bless you with those little girls, cause He knew you are more of a woman than I am. Just remember this - every day is one more day you don't have to relive! That's what is getting me through. :)
Love you!

Anonymous said...

"ohmygosh"...i am "theothergrandma" and the mom of ian, the father of these non-compliant girls...i always KNEW(UNDERSCORED)that you were the best wife,mom,daughter-in-law ever,BUT,now i am convinced...just remember, these are the days of the stories we will recount in years to come...not much help when you are sleep-deprived,hyped up on chocolate and ready to put all children in the closet with a peanut butter sandwich for the and grace

Elizabeth - Twin Mom said...

Twin Mom suggestions - MUST use a Bjorn or sling for one of the twins - the only way to make it work remotely easily. Put the other twin and Maggie in one of the double shopping carts - there are several version at Publix. You could also use one of the shopping carts with the infant seat (or a regular shopping cart and use the car seat) and have Maggie sit in the big part of the cart with the third in the Bjorn. Then you have 2 hands free to shop!! David used to love the Bjorn. As he got older he'd stick his arms out and hold onto the shopping cart - the twins would be face to face that way too - sort of rarely happens...

Good Luck and hang in there