Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Where should I even begin...

We're back from our Christmas vacation and I must again reiterate that the word "vacation" cannot be used when describing any kind of trip or time with small children. Nevertheless, it was fun to be away and with family. The goose did in fact get fat(ter), so I am doing my best to fill our bellies now with vegetables, wheat pasta, and only the occasional treat from our stockings. I seriously think I ate about 15 of my sister's peanut butter balls, which is basically like duct taping four pounds of fatback onto my hips. Awesome. But man, they were good.

For those of you who read my sister-in-law's blog, you already know about all the goings on at the Sloan house over the holidays. If you want the gory details, please go to her hilarious blog and read that post - you really won't believe all that happened... http://www.ashevillesloan.blogspot.com/ . Suffice it to say, though, that every single day was chock-full of children, coughing, fevers, eating, hospital visits, more eating, drinking, feeding babies, more hospital visits, really embarrassing hours in church services with small children, more eating, tons of presents, absolute chaos, and more family members than should legally be allowed into one 2000 square foot space at one time. So fun, though! I really love my family.

Sandy, Ian's mom, came to visit during the chaos and it was so great to see her. She just jumps right in now and joins the fun, which is really more than I ever could have asked for in a mother-in-law. She's a trip. She drives this tiny little two door Civic and it was pretty much dragging the ground as she pulled into the driveway. The presents she had stuffed in that thing would have made circus clowns proud. I am going to post pics to show you the excessive-ness. It was so fun. I love getting presents! I love giving them too, so Christmas is a blast for me.

There's so much more to write, but let me just end here by saying that we got home a couple nights ago and we still have luggage and presents all over the house. Ian goes back to work tomorrow - that's if he's feeling better. He has a man-cold, as he calls it (check out Leslie's blog to watch the man-cold video too...so funny). Zoe has more snot coming out of her nose than a 7 month old should, Tori won't eat because she's getting a tooth, and Maggie is hacking all night with a cough. What a vacation - but it was all worth it. I just love being with my family! It's good to be home, though!

Stay tuned...tomorrow I'll try to get on here and post about our New Year's Eve bash. Maggie and Madalyn the Mouse (imaginary friend) planned a party for us and it was a trip. Pics to follow. For now, though, enjoy a snippit from Christmas evening - 30 people at my parents' house - and six of them weren't even there! Also, please enjoy the extremely southern accents...added for your viewing pleasure.

Missed blogland! So glad to be back.


cammieh said...

Buffy-your stories and how you tell them are hilarious!!!! I can just hear you saying all this...especially about the peanut butter balls-awesome!

Martha said...

buff, i don't think i realized how much ian and fulton look alike... that face at the end, man.