Friday, December 21, 2007

The goose is getting fat...

We are headed to my parents' house for Christmas this year (if you're a thief reading this, please don't rob my house - although we'll have literally everything packed to the hilt in our janked up mini-van). It's going to be so much fun and so much chaos. Just in my immediate family there are 18 people - eight of them 5 and under. Wow. Thankfully Jeannie and Kelly, David and Mary Lane live in town, so we'll all have places to spread out...a little. When we all come together, though, we just all want to be in the same place, which usually means the 4 bedroom, 2000 square foot house where we grew up that we call home. Mom has parties and activities planned pretty much the whole twice, parties every night, Christmas Eve dinner, Christmas day brunch. And then for the grand finale there will be Christmas dinner with 30 people in the same house we call home. Hilarious.

Even more hilarious are the emails that have been going around about what food all the women are bringing. I mean, we have to make sure we have enough, right? So here's the line-up. Please keep in mind as you're reading this that my mom thinks this list is STILL not enough:

Veggie Tray
Ham Things (ham biscuits that literally melt in your mouth)
Fried Turkey
Fruit Bowl
Tofu Turkey (my sister-in-law is the only healthy one in the bunch)
Cherry Cream Cheese Tarts
Lemon-glazed Pound Cake
Ten tons of chicken strips
Antipasto Platter
Huge Salad
Sour Cream Biscuits (I mean, wow...these are amazing)
Boiled shrimp
Sausage dip and chips
Vegetable Pizza
Pecan Tarts
Deviled Eggs
Sweet Potatoes
Maybe Bacon-Wrapped Tenderloin
Enough alcohol to inebriate a small country
And, of course, a partridge in a pear tree

Think that's enough? Not so sure.

I'd love to hear what goodies you HAVE to have on Christmas. Just leave a comment that I'll post so everyone can see. (Reminder - to comment, just click comment, leave the comment in the space provided - don't forget to type your name, then click anonymous...It will not show up automatically, but it'll get there, I promise).

Since we will be at Mom and Dad's, I may not be able to blog for a while. They are still in dial-up land, though I am hoping and praying that's their Christmas present to each other. If so, I'll be up and running. If not, have a merry, hug your kids, kiss your family, and thank the Lord for your life - and for His.


Anonymous said...

Forget High Point...I'm coming to Columbia.
- julie

Eliza said...

Hey Buffy! You might need some more carbs in that menu!! I'm so sad that we won't be in Cola to see you...were there for T'giving. Thanks for keeping me laughing with your blog!! I love getting a peek at your precious family. I'm off to pack for Maryland (J.R.'s family) and watch Man vs. Wild. Take care! - Eliza

Anonymous said...

we have to have pineapple casserole! dana ps:emma likes pancakes on chrismas a.m. matthew still eats bananas and cheerios for his christmas dinner. although, he has recently added spinach to his diet. the martins love the smiths! merry christmas!!

Dave Metz said...

my family is so white trash. we don't have special food, we do scratch off lottery tickets in our stockings.