Thursday, January 10, 2008

Just too stinkin cute not to post

So here are some pics from Christmas that I just had to post. As you can see, Maggie got a Wonder Woman costume from Santa and it's by far my favorite dress up outfit she owns. (And as you all know, that's saying something, because that child has more dress up stuff than should be allowed a four year old.) The babies got diapers, formula and wipes from Santa. Hey, Santa's knows his audience!
The first picture above really cracks me up. One day before Christmas - i.e., before all sickness broke loose with the cousins - we were all at mom's house playing. She has this babydoll stroller that the kids push around and Maggie or Watts wanted to put Tori in there. So we tried it and it was a hoot. Her little nine and a half pound self sat in that doll stroller and Maggie, Watts and Nate took turns pushing her back and forth in the den (with supervision, of course). Please look at Tori's face...hilarious. I chose this picture of the stroller game to share with you mainly because someone is wiping Nate's nose in the picture - just a foreshadowing of the days to come.

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