Wednesday, January 23, 2008

New TV show

We are always looking for things we can watch on TV with Maggie that aren't cartoons or old Disney videos. Besides the cooking channel there's not much that's 4 year old friendly. Tonight, though, we watched a show called "We have 15 children."

I mean seriously - just go ahead and shoot me now. It cracks me up that this is the name of the show, but what else could you name it? The name says it all. No marketing genius needed to come up with the name - just call it what it is. Just watching the show for 20 minutes made me want to get another glass of wine. The woman does 9-12 loads of laundry a day! They use 14 loaves of bread a week. She feeds them chicken nuggets, fish sticks, fries, pizza and chips. And I'm not judging her one bit. I mean this is what I feed my kid half the time and I don't have the excuse she has.

On a side note, Maggie has gotten into Tom and Jerry, which makes me happy because it's not Higgly Town Heroes. It's just straight up cartoons where animals chase each other and beat the living daylights out of each other instead of singing songs that have some vague moral value. When I say she loves these Looney Tunes I really mean it. The first night we discovered them she laughed so hard that I literally thought she was going to wake up the babies. And thanks to DVR we watch taped Tom and Jerry shows every single morning while she's eating breakfast. I must say that I really didn't think it was possible to see EVERY Tom and Jerry ever made, but I think we have done it.

Last, I have to say that the "Living the Dream" posts have been great. I'm going to extend it a few more days because I know some of you old faithful blog readers haven't posted yet (Harriet, Beth, Dana, Anna, Linds, Neally, Margot, Susan, Jeannie - ok Grandma and Nonnie, you're off the hook since your dream days are past!). Can't wait to see what you all come up with!


Anonymous said...

I have seen this show too and I must say that I must live in a alternate universe because I just can't fathom it. That family feels really blessed to have 15 children. I think it's that buddy system that makes it work; there's always an older child helping out a younger.

I just can't even imagine.

Michelle said...

I saw this show for a few minutes last week and it was almost more than I could imagine. But there was the dad, being the ringleader and totally running the annual birthday party for all 15 kids. They make me look like a total whimp but God bless 'em!
Your take on the show's name made me laugh so hard. I first saw this show listed on Tivo and immediately said to myself, 'Well, I know what this show is about. It's John & Kate times two.'