Friday, January 4, 2008

Sick day

So this is my first day of being sick to the point of not really being able to take care of the kids. Ian is coming home early from work in an hour or so. Maggie's been playing computer games in the bed beside me while I try to rest during the twins' nap. Now Maggie is in there playing with Tori while I muster up the strength to go get her. I just had to blog, though, because as I'm sitting on the bed, I overheard Maggie singing to Tori. We watched White Christmas ONCE over the holidays and she picked up on one of the songs. This is what she was just singing to Tori:

"Lord help the brother, who comes between me and my sister,
And Lord help the sister who comes between me and my man!"

You can't make this stuff up.

Off to inhale more sudafed cold meds.


Michelle said...

Welcome back!
Just checked in on your blog now that you're home. My deepest sympathies on being sick while caring for kids. It's no fun at all. I've been in that situation a time or two and begged my husband to come home early. My fave med at the moment is Theraflu. That stuff works!!!
Hope you're better soon!

nonnie said...

buff...these are the days/experiences that make for family "stories" forever...priceless!!! are blessed and so am i...the extended' and grace

Anonymous said...

Are you still sick? Feel better soon. Thinking of you.