Tuesday, January 22, 2008

This is gonna be so fun!

OK, so I'm feeling pretty cool because the owner of a company called LTDchix emailed me and asked if I would be interested in doing a t-shirt giveaway on my blog. Am I big time or what? Seriously, she got to my blog because I have them listed as one of my favorite websites and I think some computer guru advertising guy told her about it. Still, I feel pretty cool.

Anyway, here's the deal: we are going to have a contest to see who wins the t-shirt. The shirts are super cute and cool - go to www.LTDchix.com to check them out. The LTD stands for "Living the Dream" and all the shirts are drawn pics of moms doing things like driving a minivan, doing laundry, pushing a stroller of screaming kids - and underneath the pic it simply says, "Living the Dream". Hilarious. Soooooo, if you want one of these sassy shirts then all you have to do is write a short little paragraph about the moment as a mom when you realized you were living the dream. C'mon people, make me smile...I need a good laugh these days!

Just post your comment and send it and I'll compile them and choose the one that I like the best! If you need help posting a comment, here's what you do - go to the comments link, type in your comment and your name, then hit "anonymous", or enter your google address. It'll send the comment to me and you won't see it until I post it, so don't worry if you don't see it automatically. I'll post them all so everyone can read them.

It'll be fun! Get your thinking caps on ladies! It's a chance to get your creative juices flowing!


Michelle said...

Congrats on the bonus attention from your blog. So awesome! Here's my entry:
For about 2 1/2 years my husband and I went through many courses of infertility treatments. Through much disappointment and frustration, we did it all including 8 rounds of Invitro (IVF). Fortunately, our prayers were answered and resulted in one handsome and clever 4 year-old son and our 2 year-old daughter. Miracles indeed! Of course, they also make me crazy too!
The moment I realized that I was living the dream was the day that we were enjoying the outdoors one afternoon, each on a swing and singing "You are are my sunshine" in unison at the top of our lungs. So sweet, so pure and a great way to say thanks to God for giving us these blessings. For that moment, I let all the laundry, dishes and worries of the day go and just lived the dream out loud!

Anonymous said...

Buffy, soon you will have all kinds of advertising revenue and Ian will be able to quit his job.

I need to think about my entry. Sometimes living the dream leaves you unable to remember much of anything.


lesliesloan said...

how about cleaning all of the crap out of the corners and crevices of the empty highchair? Even better visual? Holding the screaming baby, while holding the dustbuster/vacuum cleaner and cleaning out the highchair.

mmhmmm girl, you know I am living this freakin dream every day!

lesliesloan said...

I've got another one. How about trying to sit down with a bowl of cereal or anything really and you have two kids grabbing at you, begging like dogs to eat WHATEVER it is that you are attempting to enjoy? Living the dream? I do believe so.

Anonymous said...

Living the dream in Kroger. Feeling pretty smug as we had gotten into the grocery store without incident and my two and four-year-old girls were loving maneuvering the kid-sized grocery carts down the aisles. We're putting items in each cart (same number and variety of items in each cart, thank you very much). The girls are happy, collecting coupons from those on the shelf dispensers, and generally having a great time, AND I am getting a chore done. In my mind I'm telling myself what a clever, efficient mom I am, when I'm interrupted by Mr. Kroger manager over the store loudspeaker: "Will the owner of a silver Dodge Grand Caravan please return to your vehicle. Your side doors are open.". Drat, forgot to close the doors in the rush to snag a kid cart for each girl on the way in. Abandoned our shopping carts momentarily (girls not happy), hustled out to shut the doors (okay, it's only drizzling and at least nothing got stolen from the van) and came back into the store to complete our purchase. Enthusiasm ebbing, fun factor definitely diminishing, but now we are almost through the check out line. Finishing up the purchase and notice a sweet older person from our church behind us in line. Shoot her a smile, kids holding it together (just barely), and then my darling innocent four year old drops her coupon collection all over the Kroger floor tiles, watches the coupons waft off in different directions, and says, quite distinctly, for anyone to hear..."Damn it.".
My sentiments exactly.
Yes ma'am, I am living the dream


Anonymous said...

So, we had just moved to the great city of Jacksonville with our 8 week old son in tow when I decided to make my first big trip to Target. This was also the time in my child's life when he was continuing to demand the ninny (aka the boob) every 2 hours. Before heading into Target I decided to fill em' up in the backseat of the car before heading in to conquer my list. At the end of my shopping trip I remember feeling so proud of not only navigating my way through a new city to get to Target but also that I was able to get everything on my list checked off AND with a happy baby bopping along in my cart. As I am putting my items on the checkout counter, I hear the checkout lady say, "oh my, what does the little guy have in his mouth?". Mmmm...that would be mommy's nursing pad he is chewing on. Hence the wet spot appearing on mommy's shirt. Living the dream.

nonnie said...

i know i've been given clearance to abstain...however...when ian was maggie's age, about 4 years old, i was taking classes at a local community college...most days, ian was either in day care, or with a mom friend...on this particular day, he was attending school with me, for some reason...we had a regular guest lecturer, a local physician at the medical college of virginia who was famous for remembering faces and names...i mean seriously famous for that one trait...he also had a congenital birth defect that left him with a very small right arm...you know how it is, do i say something to the kid about not saying something re this "difference", or do i not take a chance and warn him sternly...erring on the side of "more information is always better", i admonished ian not to say a word upon meeting this gentleman...needless to say, going through the line at the snack bar, ian in my arms, this physician turned around to say hi,and ian promptly looked straight at him and said "can i see your short arm?"...puddle on the floor!...living the dream/nightmare...

Anonymous said...

so...i am potty training my middle daughter, Mills...she has watched her older brother run around the yard naked (you know being a boy definitely has its perks) and of course wants to do some of the same. Since we were potty training and it was summer we let her run around outside with just a t-shirt on. We were all having a great time. It had just rained so we were puddle splashing, running, laughing yada yada. My next door neighbor, Sherrie, comes out to say hello and we chat for a while. While we are talking I look at Mills (who is just behind Sherrie, like 2 ft) and watch her lift her shirt, squat down and begin to go #2 on the concrete! Needless to say I kept Sherrie's attention with brilliant conversation until Mills was finished (which took awhile). Mills just walked away and I said goodbye to Sherrie. She NEVER knew! And thankfully my son didn't start shouting "Mills poopied on the driveway!" until Sherrie was inside! You know - living the dream!
love you girl - Lindsay

Anonymous said...

my three children and i are in Target - not always a good choice when you are all alone - but we are doing OK. to make it easier i have them all in the cart. my 14 month old in the seat and my 2 and 4 year old in the basket. we make it through the store, past the candy at the checkout, even past the debit card machine where we must always press some buttons - i am pushing the cart out of the store (which is being renovated). we make it past the first set of sliding glass doors and then at the second set the sliding door track is much bigger due to the constuction. the wheels of the cart hit the bump and my children in the basket FLY out head first through the open glass doors landing on their heads on the concrete. all THREE are screaming & crying incredibly loud. women are running to us from the parking lot trying to help but of course they only want their mommy. it is hard to hold and kiss all three of your kids at once especially with everyone watching. one of the ladies calls for the manager. another starts yelling about how we should sue (i am serious) sue Target for the unsafe construction conditions. I am mortified at all the attention and NOISE coming from my kids (who were scared and scraped but not seriously injured - i mean please stop screaming). finally the manager arrives and i try to tell them i am fine (i mean can't you tell). She takes them back in the store and lets them pick out whatever they want from the candy aisle. Now they are Target customers for life! I, however, am embarassed to show my face there again. but i do.
living the dream

Anonymous said...

When our kids were newborn, 2, 5, and 7 years old, we were living in Bristol, TN. We didn't get "out" much, but every once in a while on a Saturday my sweet hubby would treat us all by taking us out to Shoney's for, yes, the all-you-can-eat breakfast bar. After running back and forth to the buffet line countless times to serve the endless needs of my demanding cherubs, sitting on the cracked vinyl seat in the corner booth nursing my fussy baby, wiping spills and mouths, surrounded by posters of Nascar drivers and the greasy aroma of various breakfast meats, I looked up to see the love of my life gazing at me and saying,
"It just doesn't get any better than this."
He meant it sincerely with all his heart, and it made me want to cry.Please, please tell me it gets better than THIS!!
But through the years, I've come to realize that he was right. That moment represents the heart and soul of this life we've been given...it is what it is and it's nothing fancy and often not much fun but it is oh so precious!

"Enjoy this moment, for this moment is your life!"