Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Little T's doctor's appointments

So I only have a minute because I need to shower, dress all four of us, pack two diaper bags, a pack and play, bottles and all that jazz before I take Zoe and Mag to Beth's house. She's watching them while I take Tori to another appointment; this time it's the orthopedist. We are going because her little feet are turned, kind of bent. This can happen frequently - especially in multiple births - so we are going to check that out. I also have a list of questions for the doc that I hope he'll be able to answer with some practical tips on how to help her. She is so great and so bright, I think, but she doesn't sit up yet and she is really rigid. I just need help in knowing how to help her along with her movement.

It's so strange...this is nothing major, I know, but I just never realized how much I took for granted whenever I took Maggie into the doctor and they gave her a clean bill of health. It's not like Tori has any life threatening problem, but ANYTHING tends to get me upset at the doctor's office. I think I just always want them to tell me everything's perfect, you know? And I have to remember that though everything might not be what I consider perfect, Tori IS perfect as she is. All her little life - especially in the womb, we prayed Psalm 139:

"For you created me in my inmost being,

You knit me together in my mother's womb

I praise you because I am fearfully and wonderfully made

Your works are wonderful, I know that full well

My frame was not hidden from you

When I was made in the secret place

Before a word was on my tongue

Your eyes saw my unformed body."

That is TRUTH and I know and believe that. It is tough, then, to know how much I need to do in order to help her out. I guess we just do our best and leave it up to the Lord to lead us. OK, that's what I'll do today.

Thanks, blogland, for letting me verbally process my life!

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nonnie said...

buff....zoe and tori are unique, and special...i worry over tori, but i really think God would have us TRUST (which i don't do easily) that He has given you/us these babies and they are miraculous and complete in His eyes as they are...isn't it so God that He has not made them obviously "different or worrisome", but instead, presented them as "slightly Not-on-the-charts" so as to ensure our dependence on Him...what faith you smith's must have that God has entrusted you with these children!...love and grace