Thursday, January 3, 2008

Our New Year's Eve

So for New Year's Eve Maggie and Madalyn the Mouse (Mag's imaginary friend) planned a party for us. We had to make out a list of things we were going to do and here's how it went:

1. Eat supper
2. Put on jammies
3. Watch a video
4. Eat gum
5. Dress up
6. Play a game
7. Read a book
8. Go to bed

So that's what we did. And it was pretty fun! As you can see, we played Twister and dressed up in the stuff she got for Christmas. Ian was a little limited with the dress up stuff because it's all fru-fru, so he improvised and put a tu-tu on his arm and Wonder-Woman's lasso around his head. We also drank sparkling grape juice out of our high school musical cups so we could toast the night. My, how our lives have changed in the past five years.

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