Monday, October 15, 2007

Oh what a night...

So Zoe was getting better yesterday, or so we thought. Then last night I went to get her around 1:30 am because she was making some noises. Took her temp and it was 105.2 or something like that. I freaked and we called the doc for the fourth time this weekend. They said to head to the ER - downtown - not the ER that is within walking distance of our townhouse. There's a great children's hospital downtown and they wanted us to go there. So, Ian took Zoe to the ER and I stayed home and tried not to lose my mind while they were gone. Not that I could have done a dern thing, but moms just need to be with their babies when they're burning up. But, I guess, if you have two babies and a four year old, you have to bend the mom rules a bit. Three kids is no joke.

Zoe has a bladder infection, which is painful for her, but good that we know what it is and it's easily treated. The bad part is this...Tori has already been through this and is on antibiotics for the next YEAR (yes, you read me right) to prevent relapse because she has some reflux into her kidney. In order to find that out we've had to go to the doc with Tori about a million times. Now we have to do the whole thing again with Zoe. Wow. Those $15 copays are adding up! So thankful for our great insurance, though.

Sooo....Ian got home from the ER around 5:30 am. Maggie woke me up at 6 am saying it was freezing in her room. So I walked her back in, covered her up, and went back to sleep for another hour and a half. Then I got up, got Maggie dressed for school, got myself dressed, picked up Zoe from a dead sleep and we headed to her doctor's appointment. Praise the Lord for my mom's group at church - they have helped so much today! My sweet friend, Lisa, picked up Maggie and took her to school. Another sweet friend, Erica, is bringing her home, and two sweet friends offered to bring us dinner tonight. I am so grateful - they are really loving us like family right now.

Long story longer, here is the funny part of my morning. I got ready to take Zoe to the doctor and decided to wear my new jeans (non maternity, thank you very much) since it's basically fall here, which means that the high is 85 today. So I put on my jeans, a long tank under my t-shirt which, by the way, is my favorite new tummy concealer. The two shirt phenomenon, although it's toasty, is very helpful in smoothing out the rough spots. It also helps because most of my normal shirts are too short to wear with my pants or shorts so when I don't have on the under-tank my stretch -mark -pocked belly shines for the world to see. So, get the picture - me in my casual attire, haven't slept for days, no makeup, hair like a rats nest in a ponytail, and crocs to top it off. Then I look in the mirror and decide I'll put on a pair of earrings. And what do I go with...pearls, of course. I mean, what is it about a pair of pearls that makes you feel like you are fully dressed? It's like saying, "I know I look like holy heck, but I usually don't look this way...see my pearls? I'm really sophisticated deep down." The sad part is that when I looked in the mirror at myself I actually believed that I looked pretty good. Just because of the pearl earrings. I don't know...must be a Southern thing, but it works every time for me.

OK, gotta run. Just remember, ladies, don't cast your pearls before swine, but definitely slap those suckers on your ears when your look needs a lift.

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