Friday, October 5, 2007

Best show on tv...

I love good TV - there's nothing like it! It's like a little slice of goodness that I can look forward to all day (sad, I know). Anyway, I love watching "Dancing with the Stars", "Grey's Anatomy", "No Reservations" (on Travel Channel), and "The Office". Ok, I like "The Hills" too.

The BEST show on TV, hands down, though, goes to "Friday Night Lights". I'm so serious about this. The season starts tonight and I can't wait. We're having friends over to watch it. It's just a goodie and you need to check it out on NBC at 9:00pm.

Also, today on the Bravo channel they are showing a "Friday Night Lights" marathon leading up to the season opener tonight. You've seriously gotta check it out - or Tivo it if you have a life so you can watch it later.

By the way, the wife on that show is so awesome. She's my hero and she makes me want to be a high school guidance counselor. She's a studly mom with a good marriage - is that ever portrayed on TV these days?

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