Thursday, October 11, 2007

Brtiney and the babies

I'm going about my business of feeding kids, talking on the phone, eating cereal and downing coffee when my four year old walks into the room wearing this...

"Don't I look cool, mom?", she asks. What am I supposed to say? Of course she does.

Why are you making that face, Maggie? "Because that's what people do when they take pictures. That's the way you look cool." I'm glad I finally know what cool looks like.

Also, she's apparantly joining the cause to "fight the power" because every picture I took she kept her fist up like that. I'm glad I'm raising such a racially aware and diverse child.

Is it just me, or is my child hilarious? I mean, I'm sure everyone probably thinks that their kid is amazing and funny, but I really think Maggie is a crack up. I think she could actually take her show on the road, but I fight those feelings because, well, I don't want to end up like Lynn Spears flying across the country with Jamie Lynn to rescue my child that I pushed into showbusiness.

Meanwhile, in baby-land, the twins had their first sweet potatoes yesterday. It was a trip. Zoe hated them and made the funniest faces. Tori liked them fine and ate them like she had been eating solids all her life. I am including these pictures simply to gross out all of you who are not in babyland. There's really nothing more disgusting that watching someone else's child eat babyfood. It just turns stomachs - so... welcome.


MLS said...

I'd watch Maggie if she had her own reality TV show!!! Those of us not in babyland thank you for the lovely pictures of the twins eatting sweet potatoes, they just reassured us of why we are not in babyland :)

Miss ya!

Julie said...

Tori has figured out if she eats more solids than Zoe then she'll soon be able to take her.

Also, completely unrelated, I was talking to Dave Reule on the phone last night and when I pulled into the gas station there was Ian's doppleganger. And it wasn't just a "oh, at second glance he doesn't really look like him"...I kept staring and telling Dave that Ian was pumping gas next to me.