Friday, October 19, 2007

My sweet friends

Shouties to these folks who have helped me out lately!

*Harriet - faithful blog reader and fun friend - thanks for the yummy taco soup and the visit
*Beth - thanks for keeping Zoe and for enjoying huge cups of caffiene with me
*Lisa - you remind me so much of my sister! You have NO time because you have three kids of your own, but you continue to help me out and ask Maggie over to play
*Erica - for picking up Maggie and letting her play, for bringing YUMMY bread over!
*Tara - meal-maker extraordinaire! Thanks for the dinners, they helped me so much!
*Mary Lyn - for amazing Chicken Enchiladas and much needed white wine
*Linda Runyon - getting Mag from school and letting the girls play at your house. You're an awesome grandmother!

I know there are more folks who have helped, but frankly I am half asleep so sorry if I forgot you.

You know, when I say things like that last sentence, I'm not exaggerating for effect. My eyes are literally half shut.