Sunday, September 30, 2007

What a week

A lot's happened this week! Last weekend we took the girls to the beach - for the twins' first time seeing the ocean (or the sea, as Maggie calls it). I must say that it was much more fun of an idea than it was an actual adventure - as most things are these days. The idea of taking your kids to the beach for a Sunday afternoon is enticing...and then you do it and you remember why you pretty much stay home all the time.

Just kidding - it wasn't that bad. We set up a tent, as you can see, and Tori sat in her little bumbo and slept, while Zoe screamed her head off until we picked her up and held her the entire time. It was nice to be out there, though, and made me think that one day I will live and breathe the fresh air again.

On Tuesday, Ian's sister, Miranda, came to visit and it was great. I think I've already blogged about how great it was, but let me just reiterate how great of an aunt she is. I mean, she's tireless. She plays and plays with Maggie, holds babies, fixes breakfast, lunch and dinner, and plays more with Maggie. It was so fun for me, too, to have a buddy around! She also got Zoe to giggle like I've never seen her giggle before. It was too cute, so I had to let you all see.

OK, so much more to share about last week, but I gotta get these kiddos in bed!


Anonymous said...

That Tori is really growing. Your girls (all three) are so sweet.

judy stanton said...

Buffy, you just don't know how many memories this brings back to Minot and me. Back in the day, we would head out to Jacksonville Beach with 2 year old Kelly and newborn Katy for a great "family day at the beach". Well, by the time we got everything unloaded and set up, it was about time to pack it all back up and head back home! Not to mention that everyone and everything was COVERED in sand for the ride back home. We would find ourselves looking at each other and saying...."what were we thinking??" You just don't know how often Minot and I reflect on those days and say, "wow, where did all the time go? It seems like only yesterday....." But you can be sure that we certainly weren't entertaining those melancholy thoughts back then! I am just in awe that you and Ian strike out with not 2 but 3 kiddos in tow for the "great family day at the beach". I am so impressed! Enjoy it, for these are the days you remember forever! (And so do your kids, we have now found out!)

We love you!!!

Judy and Minot