Thursday, September 20, 2007

Oh Zoe...

Just wanted to report that Zoe is winning the sleeping race these days (and we all know that it's all a competition with the twins, right! Kidding, of course). Zoe has slept 13 HOURS straight for the past three nights! (Yes, I said 13 - and I know I'm jinxing myself by writing this, but I just had to share the joy).

Of course, Tori is still waking up once a night, which isn't bad for a little peanut...and Maggie woke up sick last night, but other than that, I got a great night's sleep!

Also, just wanted to share this adorable video of Tori laughing. We have been so worried about every little thing with her and she continues to show us that she's FINE...she just wants to do things on her own time, thank you very much! She is such a doll. Enjoy!


Anonymous said...

So sweet - thanks for sharing. Sleeping is a beautiful thing. :) Beth

Julie said...

this is going to sound like i'm eyeing her for a bun...but tori is plumping up nicely :)