Wednesday, September 26, 2007


I must say that I think it's funny that most of my ads to the right of this post are about sleep problems. I know it's because of the title of my blog, and let me just tell you that my sleep problems come in the form of the cutest little four months old you've ever seen (or heard). Three nights in a row this weekend they BOTH slept through the night! That, to me, is a miracle. I mean, when ONE baby sleeps through the night it's amazing, but for TWO to do it on the same nights three times in a row...well, that just makes me wanna slap my granny. (Not really, Nana's great.)

I also think it's funny that I have been doing this blog for a few months now and BY FAR the most comments I've ever had is from the Odyssey Whisperer post. Girls, y'all are feelin me out there, aren't you. My sweet friend Dana has this crazy fun idea to invent a sensor that has a hot movie star's voice say before you hit something, "Watch out,'re getting a little too close to the curb/car next to you/concrete thing at the BP."

This week is fun. Ian's sister, Miranda, is here for a visit and it's so nice to have her here. Maggie is in heaven, and I love having a buddy to talk to. It's still almost 90 degrees here, so she's taking Maggie swimming this afternoon. I'm off to take a nap - everyone is asleep for now...once again, a miracle.


Michelle said...

Yeah! I'm so glad that the girls are sleeping through the night. I know that must make a huge difference!
I also love that sensor idea in the car. Wouldn't that be funny if the car manufacturers saw your blog and it started appearing in the '09 Odysseys?
Have fun with your sister-in-law!

rach to the h said...

hey pretty mama. thanks for the thoughts and prayers to Uganda. thinking of you and how fun it'd be to come kiss your babies and serve you up some coffee in the midst of sleeplessness.
love you! rach