Saturday, September 15, 2007

Watch out Mia

This past weekend Maggie had her first soccer game and if I had to describe it in one word it would be "hi-larious" (or "so freaking hot you think your kids' gonna pass out on the field"). If you've never been to a four year old's soccer game before then you're really missing out. It's adorable and so funny. Maggie did great! She scored her first goal and handled the ball really well. Coach Mike is so encouraging - he would pick up the girls every time they scored a goal and run them around the field. It was sweet and made them feel like a million bucks. The funny part, though, was when Maggie started getting really hot. Her face turned beet red and she just looked over at me on the sidelines and started shaking her head and crying. It was terrible! I felt awful - like one of those crazy soccer moms who makes her child stay in the game. Well, not really. So Maggie took a rest on the bench and Ian brought over our umbrella so she could get some shade and cool down (it really was 100 degrees with no shade). When Maggie got called back into the game, though, she ran out onto the field holding the huge rainbow golf umbrella she was holding! I so wish I had a camera and could have caught that sight, but I didn't have my camera in my hand because I was holding a huge sweaty baby in my arms and pushing a tiny sweaty baby in the stroller.

I'm not sure what the rest of the season will hold for ol' Mag. She likes playing, but she's just like her mom in that she gets way overheated and much prefers the comforts of the AC. We are making her finish the season, of course, but it's hard to make her play when it's so hot and she's bawling on the field.

I must say, though, that it's been really adorable to watch her practicing with Ian. He LOVES soccer - played in high school and watches it like it's his job - and he and Maggie have had a lot of fun going to practices together. I love that they have this to do together - it just does a mama's heart good, you know!


Jennifer said...

You make me laugh girl!:)

judy stanton said...

How precious!!! I love it! Katy didn't start until she was a little older, but it was absolutely an awesome experience for our family! We loved traveling all over the country watching her play in soccer tournaments!! That is something that I really miss to this day! We have lots of great memories from her soccer days!!! Tell Maggie to keep it up--it's in her genes!!!!

Love you,Judy

Anonymous said...

hope this comes across in english!..the european grands just love the soccer pics (and finally saw the twins together with zoe trying to eat tori's face...maggie way to "get to the ball", we can't wait to see you playing in person...we love you and have lots of stories to tell you, maybe even a surprise or love love...gammy, doc, and nonnie

Eliza Foster said...

Buffy -
You crack me up! I can always count on your blog making me laugh and helping my calling as a mother come back into focus. I miss having you in my know, close by so that I can see you some...ever, really! Thanks for sharing the great pics - especially the Clinton Waffle House - good times! Love you - Eliza

Michelle said...

Completely cute! I think she definitely has all the right stuff to be a soccer star with Ian and her aunt Leslie to give a hand.
I start Peter on soccer next week and kinda dread it b/c I really don't want the "soccer mom" label. Also because (from watching Leslie and my mom) I saw how much traveling and all is involved if they turn out to have a talent for the sport. BUT I have an Italian father-in-law who dreams of having his grandson play soccer, so I am doing my part to support the family!
P.S. Love the new look on the blog!

Anonymous said...

Look at her - she is so cute. Go get em Maggie!!! Too fun. We have a lot of great soccer memories with Caitlin - Cassidy too. It is so fun to watch them. :) Thanks for sharing. Love, Beth