Friday, May 1, 2009

I LOVE Disney!

Mag and I got a chance to go to Disney - BY OURSELVES last Sunday and it was glorious! Mom was in town and she and Sandy kept the twins. I cannot tell you how much fun it was - not just to be with Maggie by myself, but to even drive down for two hours listening to the music I wanted to listen to and not having to throw snacks constantly to the backseat. I love my twins more than anything, but it was a great break. No diapers, no sippie cups, no poopy diapers, no strollers or pack and plays. It just makes a difference on a trip. I did feel a slight bit guilty, though, because the twins are really into Cinderella these days and I know they would love to see her. But frankly, I don't think they're ready for Disney yet. We took Maggie down for the day when she was two and a half and I seriously think we could have gone home after just the monorail ride. The littlest things are exciting to a two year old.

So thank you thank you thank you Gammy and Nonnie! While I was there I just tried to drink in every minute, knowing that I may never get the chance to take a Mommy/Maggie trip again. It was great.

We ended up spending the night at one of Disney's value resorts, which is a real value if you live in Florida. Little did I know, though, that the National Cheerleading Championships were being held at Disney that weekend so, needless to say, all the teams were staying at the cheapo hotel too. It made me feel old, and a bit large, but I mean who looks like that anyway? And plus, I'm just not 16 anymore - nor would I ever go back there for a gazillion bucks. Although it would be nice to snarf a cheeseburger, fries and a milkshake without giving it a thought.

Anyway, we were walking to our room in the afternoon and passed all these cheerleaders with their outfits (or lack thereof) on, their makeup and glitter on, and their hair plastered back and perfectly curled and Maggie said the funniest thing. I don't know if you're a fan of High School Musical (the first is the best, by the way)...well there's a line in the first movie where Gabriella and Taylor (who are super smart girls) are describing the cheerleaders. As we walked by these girls at Disney Maggie quoted them by saying, "Mom, those girls talk about Nail Beds." I said, "What? Mag that is hilarious!". Then she said, "What? They DO!".

1. Funny that Maggie pulled a random quote from HSM and used it in conversation
2. Funnier that she now thinks that all cheerleaders in the world talk about their nail beds
3. Funnier still that Maggie knows what nail beds are!

My little girl is growing up and I feel so blessed to be able to walk through life with her. She's a mess - and she's mine. I love that she's old enough to have conversations with me and still young enough to crawl on my lap when Ursula or Malefacent float by us at the parade. It was happy/sad. I know she's growing up and it's so fun, but it's also crazy to me that my little one will soon know that Cinderella really lives in a condo and not in the castle.

Or maybe she'll be like her mother and fully suspend her disbelief when she's in the Magic Kingdom. So for all you Mouseketeers out there "Have a Magical Day!".


Anonymous said...

i LOVE this post! I CANNOT wait to do stuff like that with Addie... she already seems so old to me, but I am really looking forward to taking small trips with just her! xoxo Katy

Judy Stanton said...

Buffy, it is "IN THE HAIR GENES"--I still go to sleep on Christmas Eve believing and knowing that Santa is coming to my house--and he DOES!!! (FOR REAL--I'm not joking!) That is what life is all about--you gotta believe!!!! So glad you and the Magster had so much fun! Love, Judy