Monday, May 4, 2009


Lots of excitement around the Smith household this weekend. On Saturday Maggie's best buds, Amelia and Elizabeth, had their birthday party so we pretty much hung out there all day. They had a big pirate ship jumpy thing with a slide. The kids had a blast. Zoe and Tori came after naptime and spun their tornadic magic on the house. Zoe, as you can see, was busy feeding JP (or Rock-A-Baby, as she calls him), while Tori sat crunching on ice and funneling Capri Sun like it was her job. When Zoe wasn't playing mommy she was walking around the lanai (that's Floridian for screened porch) drinking every single water bottle and juice box she could get her little hands on.

As you can see from the pic, Maggie lost a tooth and she is totally snaggle-icious. It's super cute. We just had a fun time. It was nice to be in town and to have a chance to enjoy our kids, our neighborhood and our friends. Happy Birthday Amelia and Elizabeth!!!

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