Wednesday, May 20, 2009

LIVE...this is Dancing With the Stars

I have to confess that I am in love with this show. We are avid DVRers around here and I rarely, if ever, watch things while they are actually on TV. Well, last night I was forced to demean myself and watch commercials with the rest of America because I couldn't wait to find out who would win season eight. Plus it's been raining here for literally three days and nights straight and the satellite signal was sketchy at best.

Why have I never posted about this before? Well, I think I'm a little embarrassed to admit that I'm so into it. I mean, to love a show that Tom Burgeron hosts...that's like telling a first date that you were a Drum Major in high school - it just doesn't really win you any cool points. Not that I would know (DHS 1990!). But I do love the show. I want to be famous - not so that I can do anything remarkable or so that I can live a life in the tabloids, but simply because I want to wear sequins, get my hair did and learn to do the Salsa with that so wrong?

So I was thrilled when little Shawn Johnson won last night. She's just cuteness all wrapped up in a little bouncy package. Seriously, though, I think her partner is loving her but she's only 17 so we'll see how that plays. I liked Melissa too, but she was a little too peppy. Her winning would have been great for her since she got screwed in front of the entire world on the Bachelor. I had to kinda hate her, though, because she looks great in those outfits...she really needs a cheeseburger.

And now for Gilles. I just couldn't take him. He and Cheryl were great dancers, but they started giving off the cheese vibe a few weeks ago and that was pretty much it for me. There's another reason I didn't want him to win but it requires a little backstory...

Ian and I did not have HBO when "Sex and the City" ran a few years ago. We did, however, start watching the reruns on TBS - it was still kinda steamy, but not disgusto. And, let's face it, they wore crazy clothes and ate at fabulous restaurants - it was an escape for me to watch. Anyway, Ian took me to the movie when it came out because he knew I liked the show. Man, we were not ready for the full frontal, non-cable version of SATC. It's not like we left the theatre or anything (please!) but it was a little much for the Smitties. It took me a couple weeks into DWTS season 8 to realize that Gilles was the guy in the movie. Why did it take me a couple weeks, you ask? Probably because all I remember of him in that movie is, well, his hoo-ha.

So, all season long as I've been watching him dance and trying to learn how to say his name correctly. I've just found it easier to refer to him as "hoo-ha guy" (except I used the correct anatomical term that I just can't bring myself to type on my blog).

Long story longer, I'm glad that "Jilted Cheeseburger Needer" and "Hoo-ha Guy" didn't win so that sweet little innocent Shawn Johnson could take the mirror ball.

I'm just sayin.

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Anonymous said...

reading your blog always makes me laugh. thanks for several good laughs. and i think your mom-in-law rocks. that's all. lil