Sunday, May 17, 2009


Cinderella cakes that Marty made and we iced...soooo fun and sweet!

"Lyssa" and Zo-Zo

Harper, our next door neighbor, came in her ballet cute!!

Melyssa holding JP, and Logan making him smile

Birthday Girls suck down some juice

Tori in her "Rella" Bed - seriously, this is just too much

Granny Franny reading to the girls before the party

Zoe in her new Cinderella bedding

Zoe lay down on this blanket for a straight ten minutes today when she got it. Amazing. It was so sweet and cute!

So we had the twins' birthday party this afternoon. It was the craziest hour and a half I've had in a while - and that's saying a lot. It was fun, though. We just had a few neighborhood folks over and the kids swam in the pool and ate watermelon. Then we came inside for Cinderella Cakes that Marty made and they were pretty much the cutest things you've ever seen. Last night when she brought them over I just kept opening the fridge so I could look at them. They just made me smile.

Have I mentioned that my children watch Cinderella in it's entirety at least twice a day? It just stays on in my van and they watch it non stop while I'm driving them all over town.

Have I also mentioned that I think I could recite every word of every scene of Cinderella and Sound of Music without ever looking at the screen? It's just a talent I've picked up over the past few months that I am sure will come in quite handy someday...or never.

So here are the pics and a little video. Adorable. I can't believe my girls are two. I really can't. And then I can believe it. I guess that's just being a parent. Time crawls and time flies. Happy Birthday Tori and Zoe!


lesliesloan said...

It looks like SO MUCH FUN! And yay for no one being sick!!!

We love y'all!

Margot said...

Ooh, I could just eat these girls up! They are so YUMMY!

Tami said...

loved getting to see the pics from their big day. they are too precious! made me tear up a little.

i was talking with a man outside sears one day about how cute my kids are :) and he said something that could not be truer for me. he said when their kids were our kids ages that they felt like the days were so long but the years went so fast. amen. snuggle those precious 2 year olds for me!