Thursday, May 14, 2009

Can you say "R E D?"

Last weekend Nonnie gave the twins their early birthday present - a big blow up pool. Awesome! The girls love it and I must say it's a lot easier than trapsing them up to the neighborhood pool.

I also must say, though, that we are now looking like the Clampets of the neighborhood (right Marty?!). Here are pics of us last weekend as we filled up the pool and put it in our garage/driveway so we could be out of the sun and swim in peace. As you can also see, we are starting to potty train and Tori thought she would just sit right on down in the driveway and try to go.

Our neighborhood has lots of rules and covenants, but I've never seen one that said you couldn't strip down your kids in the front yard and teach them to use the potty in plain view of think that one's just an "understood"?


Anonymous said...

LOL You make my day!! SW

Anonymous said...

I think the only thing missing is the beer/wine in the paper bag. I have plenty in case you need some! I love that we aren't the only Clampets in the neighborhood! MK

Margot said...

I saw that beasty pool in Costco today & smiled. : )