Sunday, May 24, 2009

Rain, rain go away...

Or stay for a while because that's obviously what you're doing. I have seriously never seen this much rain in my life. We were talking to a native Floridian the other day who said the rainstorms we've had this past week have been worse than any tropical storm or hurricane he's seen. Needless to say, we're all pretty pruney around here.

The one MAYJA (major) bright spot this weekend, though, was Friday night. Let me set the scene for you...I am at home with my kids and my friend Marty is here with her three kids. Her husband stops by after work and we're all just kinda hanging out, biding time until bedtime for the kids. The "big girls" are all exhausted from their week at school so they are kinda picking at each other and acting whiny. The twins are just running all over the place whining and squealing, and JP (the baby) is straight chillin. Bless him, he always has to put up with all the ladies.

Anyway, around 6:15 there's a knock on the door and it's Sandy/Nonnie. She comes in and says she just wanted to drop by and see Maggie's lost tooth. We all sit down and I'm kinda thinking, "could this house get any crazier?" when all of a sudden Sandy hands me a card. I open it up and inside there's a wad of cash and a note saying that she is sending me and Ian away to St. Augustine for the night...THAT night!!! She had all her stuff in her car, she had been to the store to get goodies for the kids and she was sending us away.

I really and truly don't think there's a better surprise she could have given me. I just needed Calgon big time.

So, my sweetie and I put the twins down for the night, packed our bags and headed out the door. We got to eat at our favorite Mexican Restaurant, Don Juan's, and it was soooo fun. Then we went to our hotel in St. Augustine, checked in, and absolutely collapsed into the big cushy bed at the Hilton. Hahhh-lahhh-lahhh. (That's "Sloan" for jijit, which is "Sloan" for awesome).

I slept until 10:30 the next day. 10:30 people. Did you get that?! Then we went to IHOP and I housed some blueberry pancakes like it was my job. So yummy and so fun.

So here's to you, sweet Nonnie - A Real American Hero - Ms. "My daughter-in-law is going to kill my grandkids if I don't get her out of there" woman. You know me too well! What a blast. What a treat. I love you and I love that you thought of us and planned for us to have a great night away. Three cheers for Nonnie!!!


judy stanton said...

Nonnie is my hero--I want to be like her! I am trying really hard!!!

Love, Judy (Mimi)

Anonymous said...

What a great surprise! Nonnie to the rescue. God's plan! SW

Allison said...

Could you please get Nonnie to call my MIL? hehe! Perfect night....Mexican, hotel room, sleeping in and IHOP......gurrrrl, I am offically jealous;)

Mans said...

"I slept until 10:30 the next day. 10:30 people. Did you get that?! Then we went to IHOP and I housed some blueberry pancakes like it was my job. So yummy and so fun."

that quote right there is why I read this blog. LOVE. IT. Why?

a) the use of the word "housed"
b) Real American Hero reference
c) indistinguishable Sloan dialect references
d) need I go on?

The Ward Family said...

gosh I love your posts.... they make my day! I can just hear your voice and your sillyness :) So glad you had a great night out!

Melyssa said...

When I say my prayers at night, I am praying that Nonnie falls in love with a house in my neighborhood. Not only will my boys love it to have her over and swim at the pool. but she DOES make things better!!!

Cammie said...

A few things... frst of all, I got soooo excited just hearing about that surprise!!! How cool is Nonnie? Second, are you ever going to create a "Sloan/Smith dictionary"? Honestly, you have some of the best words!!!!