Friday, April 24, 2009

Every girl's crazy 'bout a sharp dressed man...

All you six year old ladies at Liberty Pines better step off because I am claiming Evan for my Mag!

This is Evan - one of the triplet boys of my friend Melyssa (who also has an older son - don't want to leave him out!). Evan is so sweet, so smart, and so adorable. Evan is Ian as a little boy. When Ian was little he talked a friend's mom into buying him a sport jacket, shirt and tie from the consignment shop. He was about 8 years old, so the story goes. When Ian went to UNC he upped his game even more and started sporting bow ties. I love them. It takes a real man to sport a bow tie, I think!

Anyway, little Evan likes to wear a shirt and tie to work - he wants to look dapper like his dad when he goes to work. Evan decided that he wanted to wear a bow tie so Ian told him he would teach him how. Long story longer, here are the pics. It's tough to teach a kid who doesn't fully know how to tie his shoes how to tie a bow tie, but Evan is no ordinary six year old! He came over one evening this week with his little pressed dress shirt and got Mr. Ian to teach him.

It was adorable. Of course princess Maggie wanted to dress up too so I picked out a few things for her to put on. Instead, though, she went to her room and put on her bikini and her swimming float and pranced herself right into the bathroom where the lesson was taking place. I think Maggie knows that a real little man was in the house and she had to work it too!

Just kidding...sort of.

Oh, and the other pic is of Zo Zo dressing up in The Incredibles outfit. She is really into dress up these days.

And little T has her second round of casts but I don't have a picture yet of the purple princess. I'll get back to you...

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Melyssa said...

Girl, the best pictures! Ian is so amazing to do this for my Evan. Now of course, Evan is really ready for me to come over and learn bow tie tying.

Love you all