Friday, October 3, 2008

Too much...

OK, I am quite sure that everyone has already seen this, but just in case I wanted to include it for you guys. My friend Mindy sent me to this site called, "Stuff Christians Like" and I have only read one post so far, but it made me laugh so hard that I had to post about it. Please go to the site, read the guy's comments and then watch the video. Hilarious!

By the way I laughed out loud in my den at the "pop and lock" comment. And when the guy in the video says "Zap". You'll see what I mean.

Soooo excited today. My parents and my grandfather, Papa, are coming to spend the night here tonight! They are heading to Daytona for the week for vacation and to re-live the good ol' days when they used to head down there every year for family vacations. As you all might remember, my grandmother, Nana, passed away in the spring and this is such a huge step for Papa to come. He's never been to any of my houses where we've lived...I only see him at his house in Columbia. I am so proud of him for coming. He's legally blind, can't hear that well, and has been anxious about going places that are unfamiliar, as you can imagine. I am so thankful he's coming - and that he feels comfortable to come with Mom and Dad for the week. It just really makes me smile. It also makes me have to run and clean up the house!

Please go to that website if you wanna crack up.


leslie ruth said...

Do you remember Mark Acuff, pastor at Chapel Hill Bible Church? It's his son Jon that writes that AWESOME blog.

Love yours by the way...the girls are adorable!

Anonymous said...

rock on. that video makes me laugh and feel embarrassed for those folks, all at the same time. please tell me it is from the late 70's/very early 80's ...those styles are hilarious. ZAP!

So great that Zoe and Tori and communicating so much. You can't wait for them to let you know what they want, and then time goes by and you just wish they would stop.
No, it is a big blessing.


ashby howard said...

There really are no words for that video. Wow! It almost seemed like a Talking Heads song. Hahaha! Thanks, Buffy!

Anonymous said...

buffy, i love your blog because you keep me laughing. i miss you!!!!!! "jesus is my friend" is hysterical! love you, melissa