Saturday, October 18, 2008

4:45 AM

"Mom, Mom, can you read this for me. The Tooth Fairy left me a note!"

"I don't think it's a note, honey, unfold it."

"MOM!!! The Tooth Fairy left me TWO DOLLARS!"

Awesome. 4:45 AM.


Anonymous said...

The innocence of youth brings tears to my eyes! So Sweet! L.S.

Elizabeth Bernardo said...

Buffy, Congratulations on the first tooth loss! It's a big milestone. I understand from my sisters-in-law that the going rate from the toot fairy is $1 - $2. My niece received $5 for a tooth when we were all on vacation but it was an exception because it was a very traumatic loss involving Mom basically pulling the tooth out...and also cause the tooth fairy apparently didn't have change...

Would love to see the gang some time soon.