Monday, October 13, 2008


So as I mentioned my parents and grandfather were in Daytona this week, so we got to see them a good bit and it was so fun! Maggie went and spent the night there with them last week (hence the shuffleboard pic) and then the twins and I met them there for a day. They came through on the way down and back and each time stopped to watch the USC games at our house. The best part of seeing them, I think, was the fact that the twins got to know Papa a bit better. At first they were a little scared of him because, well, he's big and he's old and he says things like, "Hey Shuggie" in an old man voice. It's adorable, though, and he just lights up when he is around babies. The twins got to know him better and even learned his name. Zoe says it like a French person because she stresses the second syllable and says it in this sing song way that sounds like "Pa PAAAA!". It's so sweet and cute. Then he gives them all sugar wafers and they just eat it up.

Another funny thing, I thought, was the way they loved his watch. This is the way he broke the ice with the babies. Papa is legally blind and he has a few gadgets that kids just love. One of them is his watch that says the time outloud. He played that sucker for Zoe and Tori a million times and they loved it...and tried to eat it, as you can see.

I am really amazed that my sweet, blind, kinda deaf, widowed grandfather would get out of his comfort zone of home and travel to the beach, much less to my house to spend the night! It made me miss my Nana so much, though, and I know it was tough for him to be here without her. October 10th would have been her birthday and they celebrated at the beach that day. My sweet Dad got all the kids and grandkids to write about what they loved and remembered about Nana. Then Dad also made or got a cake and they blew out candles in her honor. That was just so thoughtful of Dad to do that and I think it meant a lot to Papa, and to all of us because we got to spend time remembering Nana.

Enjoy the pics!


Margot said...

So sweet, Buffy. What a good good gift for your family.

Anonymous said...

What precious pictures and sweet memories you all were able to make!!! Such a blessing to have that time with your Papa, Mom and Dad!!!
Love ya,

katy said...

I am so happy that Papa went to the beach! I know he had such a great time..those pics reminded me of the last time we were ALL there together! Can't wait to see everyone on Thanksgiving!

ashby howard said...

That is the sweetest thing. I am all tears!