Tuesday, September 30, 2008

True and Amazing

Zoe knows a TON of sign language words...and by a ton I mean like seven. It's so great, though. She can do the sign for milk, more, all done, sleepy, cracker, please and thank you. And she is talking up a storm too. She said bus when we went to get Maggie today, and she said "Beth" when, well, Beth was here!

Torina - she is equally amazing and will NOT be outdone by her sister. She SAID the word MILK and JUICE today. I couldn't believe it! I screamed and I think I scared her pretty good, but I was so excited! It's just so fun when they can start to verbalize things. I know I'll be eating my words in another year when I have three that talk non-stop.

Another true and amazing thing is Sesame Street. They are mesmerized for an HOUR! I know that may be terrible, but for a woman who hasn't had an hour to clean, cook, blog, pee, or any other such indulgence, it is anything BUT terrible.

That reminds me of another adorable thing Zoe is doing...whenever she sees "The Count" in a book we have she says, "Ahh, Ahh, Ahh" in this deep count-like voice. So cute.

By the way, please don't stop reading my blog just because I put stories of my kids on here all the time. I promise I'll try to get out more so I can have more exciting things for you to read about. For now, though, thanks for sharing in my excitement!


ashby howard said...

Love reading about your children's milestones! (And other things!)

Anonymous said...

seriously... that's all I care to read... stories about your sweet kids :) thanks for keeping me up with the fam!! My friend, Ashley, said she met you at Windy Gap- she loed listening to you speak- wish I could have been there!! xoxo Katy

Anonymous said...

not that i don't love the parents.....but....the grandkids, now that's my heart!...keep those daily moments and updates coming!!!!!...nonnie