Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Just had to post about DWTS...

I proudly admit that I love Dancing With The Stars. I am not a reality tv fan, but I'm a sucker for semi-famous people wearing sequins and shakin that booty. I rarely vote, though I have been known to call repeatedly for Emmit Smith, but I love to watch the show. Until now...

I seriously think that one woman may single-handedly run me off from DWTS and that woman is Cloris Leachman. I feel just terrible about saying this because I really do admire the woman for being 81 years old and giving this a shot. And I really think she could win if she would just stop talking! Seriously, she just acts like she's losing her marbles and everyone just laughs and laughs, but it's not funny.
I have to say, though, that even if Cloris weren't on the show there is another woman that could just as easily have me switching to Monday Night Football (which I LOATHE). That woman is Susan Lucci. Seriously? I think she's just terrible at this. I feel bad for saying that too because I'm not sure I could do any better, but what I really hate is the way the judges just love her and keep her in the competition. She's not good. She's really not.
What really put the nail in the coffin, though, was the "hip hop" number last night, and by hip hop I mean the dance that seriously could have been a skit on SNL. It was awful, just awful. I just watched it again before I posted it on here and I really cannot believe they went through with it. Please, please watch Cloris Leachman and her blacked out tooth. Then please, for the love, watch Susan Lucci do that thing where she struts across the floor and sticks her booty in Laci's face. It's just too much.

I think I may go to hell for voicing these opinions, but someone had to say it and I figured it had to be me. I don't think I could do much better, but once I found out I couldn't do much better than that then I would have had my people call the DWTS people and tell them to recruit another soap star...maybe Dr. Marlana Evans is available.

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leslie ruth said...

I think Dr. Marlena Evans would kick some serious butt on DWTS. I mean, once you've beaten Satan, don't you think winning a sequined disco ball trophy would be child's play?