Monday, October 20, 2008

This past weekend

Ian was on a retreat all weekend and the girls and I were here by ourselves. It was a long weekend, but we were really busy and had a ton of fun. We went to the beach, with our sweet friends the Hammonds, for the Down Syndrome Buddy Walk and it was so great to be there. We were walking for Team Smiley Miley, a little girl who went to preschool with Maggie last year. I loved being there and seeing all the families who are walking through similar situations as we are with Tori. They were just regular old families with kids they loved, being supported by people they love.

That afternoon we went to the Fall Festival up at the soccer fields in our neighborhood. It was such a beautiful day and the girls and I had a blast. The twins were dressed up as ballerinas and Maggie was a witch. The two girls in the pic with Maggie are her two best buds from school - twins named Amelia and Elizabeth. They are thick as thieves and they have a blast together. Their mom, Marty, is becoming a good friend and it's so fun to have them living around the neighborhood.

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Anonymous said...

btw...notice in this group of pics, the twins have similiar the last photo, even the harness arrangement is the same...i know, very random!...l&g..non