Friday, October 17, 2008


I'll post a picture tomorrow, but I just had to come right in here and post. It's 10:30 pm and I just stuffed $2 into Maggie's tooth fairy pillow! I can't believe my girl lost her first tooth today at school. She was biting into her snack (which, of course, was a Taco because, after all, it is "T" week) and out it came. She looks so stinkin adorable. And I just can't believe that we are at the tooth fairy stage.

So I have one child (who will remain nameless but let's just say that her name starts with a "T" and rhymes with Rory) who screamed all day on Wednesday because her tooth was coming in while another child's tooth is coming out. So amazing to watch these little milestones happen right before my eyes! Although I gotta say that if I had one thing I would choose to skip in the life and times of my kids it's definitely the teething. Cannot take the screaming...

But the Tooth Fairy part is pretty fun!

What's the going rate these days, anyway?

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Ed Eubanks said...

Jack (6, our oldest) has a loose tooth, and we've decided to make the "going rate" a dollar. We wanted it to be sort of special, though, so I got a few of those gold-colored dollar coins for it.