Tuesday, July 8, 2008

johnny jump ups

So this will give you a good picture of what we do all day. I took this video a couple months ago and it really cracks me up. Especially watching Zoe. She is so big now that she gets the jump up going and then bends her knees and swings back and forth. Ahhh, motherhood.


Anonymous said...

So, if you just let Maggie keep going, when would she actually stop? Just how many times would she have run back and forth? Zoe and Tori will be bored when Maggie goes to school this year! Thank you for sharing your joy!

Anonymous said...

Buffy -

Oh, My Gosh!!! I have spent the last hour reading your blog and laughing and nearly crying at all that you have been through this year - and the grace and humor with which you have shared about it. This video is absolutely the best! Both Kevin and I laughed and laughed. We miss you guys!!