Monday, June 30, 2008


Finally we are all well...except for the fact that Tori got a little fever this afternoon, but still. No hands, feet or mouth are blistered. And finally Ian and I got to celebrate our birthdays. So fun! All because of sweet Aunt Diranda (aka Miranda, Ian's sister). She lives in Hawaii and came to visit for a few days this past week. It was so fun to have her here. She just jumps right in and helps, plays, cleans, cooks, talks, laughs, drinks wine with me, and naps. She was a great houseguest - not really a guest because she's family, but it was really easy and fun having her. Don't you just love it when people REALLY love your kids? It makes me smile.

It also made me smile that we got to go out Saturday night and didn't have to pay someone $70 when we got home. Let's hear it for Aunt Diranda. Ian and I had the best time. It's not like we did anything that special, but it was so so so great to be out of the house and by ourselves. We went to dinner, then went out for dessert and a movie. We didn't get home until 1:30 - we're such crazy kids.

It's Monday now and Ian's back to work, Miranda's back in Hawaii, and I'm here feeding chicken quesadillas and pineapple chunks to my kids. And I wouldn't have it any other way. Seriously. All I need sometimes is just a few hours to myself, you know? Long enough to remember how to put on mascara, how to eat with a fork instead of shoving food one-handed into my mouth, and how Ian and I ended up together in the first place! It was a great weekend.

Oh yeah, and if you're wondering, it only takes a split second for a child that you've taken out of the tub to poop on the carpet. I won't say which child, but let's just say that she's starting to get a little rep for herself around here. At least she didn't eat it, so I've go that going for me.

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