Saturday, July 26, 2008

Nobody's Perfect...I've gotta work it!

This is what Mag and I are doing tonight. Watching Hannah Montana and Miley Cyrus (who are actually the same person for those of you trying to follow along at home) in 3D on Disney Channel. And if you're missing it right now, then I'm so sorry, but I'm quite sure we'll be watching it for weeks to come...wearing our glasses for good measure. I seriously wish I could have a dollar for everything like this I am going to watch over the next 20 years!

Secretly, I love it. I was JUST like Maggie when I was her age. I just loved music and concerts. I went to Chicago, Rick Springfield, Billy Joel...all those rockers...when I was a kid. Then it was onto real rockers in high school with my best friend, Neally. We went to Whitesnake, Def Leppard, Motley Crue. Bon Jovi somehow eluded us, even though we were absolutely loving them.
So for now I'm happy that Maggie wants to watch Miley. Just praying that she (Miley, I mean) keeps it real and doesn't Britney out on us. Billy Ray needs to continue to regulate.


lesliesloan said...

maggie is totally making num num face in that picture!

Garrett said...

Unh-uh! Are those the glasses from the Suns game? I love it. We got those and had no idea what the deal was with them. Glad to see your fam is putting them to good use! So cute.