Saturday, July 19, 2008

What kind of bloggin' mama am I?

Zoe took her first steps last week while the McSwains were here and I didn't even post about it! It was pretty fun. She pulled up on the crib, turned around and then took two steps toward me. She hasn't done it since and frankly I'm not really encouraging it. I mean, I want my children to walk and I know that for at least two hours a week we spend our time at therapists trying to help Tori get around so she can walk. But Zoe seems to be doing just fine in that category, even though she's only taken two steps. It's just a matter of days. And Zo-Zo is into everything, so I am frankly quite fine with her learning to stand in one spot for a while. I don't really know what I'm going to do when both twins are walking. Wow.

They are already taking over my whole house. I have tried really hard to give them a lot of space to crawl and explore in our new pad, but no matter how many times I push back the gates to free up more room it's not enough. They want full reign and they pretty much get it. If they don't get it then they just stand at the gate and cry until I let them in. So, I've babyproofed our kitchen cabinets, pushed the ottoman in front of the excessively massive tv, propped pillows against the fireplace we'll never use, and let them at it. And they seem to like it...for now. I'm sure soon they'll get bored with ruling the roost and will want even more space. Too bad, kiddos. There's no way you're getting in my closet or ANY bathrooms. I just can't take that. The truth is, they just want to be wherever Maggie and I are at every moment of the day. So if I simply sit on the hardwood floor in the bare living room they are pretty happy going on about their business. The minute I try to sneak into the kitchen to do the dishes (or something else super-relaxing like that) they get ticked. I guess I need to continue to lay down my ideas of having a clean house and settle for having a happy house. (At least that's my excuse for cruddy bathrooms when we have guests).

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judy stanton said...


The entire problem that you have is that the twins are female....they have the ability to "connect" with everything that is going on around them. Had they been born male, they would just sit there, crawl around, and basically check out areas right next to them. Females, on the other hand, hear all conversations within a one mile radius, remember those conversations, and base judgements on said conversations. Males, on the other hand, have trouble recalling any conversations, remember nothing, and really aren't worried about it!!!

I think that Zoe and Tori are 100% FEMALE!!! You just gotta love um for that!

Love, Judy