Wednesday, July 9, 2008

The best laid plans...

If there's one thing I should know by now it's not to ever think I'm going to have a break. This morning I took all three girls out to the beach to meet Tori's Occupational Therapist. We were there for an hour or so and the girls had a blast. They were all sandy and exhausted when we left. I brought them home, gave them lunch, bathed them and put the twins to bed. They fell right asleep around noon. Then I came out, hopped in the shower myself, and then laid down with Maggie in her "house" she made out of all the clean towels, blankets and pillows in my room, and we read a couple chapters of Beezus and Ramona. My plan was to let Maggie rest for an hour and I could read and work on a talk I'm giving in a couple months. As Mag and I were finishing up reading I heard Zoe start to cry. I told Maggie we were done reading and she needed to rest for an hour (rest=lie down for an hour and play with Barbies...not too terrible, I don't think). Well, that just set her off and she started throwing a fit. Then when I went in to get Zoe and change her stinky diaper I woke up Tori. So now they are all three awake, and two of them are screaming. Ugh.

I really think one of the ways I made it through this past year is by having no expectation of ever getting to do anything I want. I know that sounds harsh and very non-Oprah-ish, but it's just the truth of my season of life. That way, if I ever did get to do something for myself it was a bonus. You moms know what I mean, though. You have a haircut planned, or even a babysitter coming so you can go to the doctor. Nine times out of ten one of your kids has a fever and you can't even go. So now that the twins have turned one I have started to believe again that I may be able to plan my day so that I can breathe for an hour or so - if the starts are all aligned. That's a bigger "if" than I am willing to accept right now. But what are you gonna do?

What I am going to do is put my kids in the van, drive to Target, come back home and try to trick them into thinking it's time again for a nap. I guarantee I'll be ready for one when we get home.

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