Friday, September 5, 2008

Kindergarten is kicking my rear

This week has been the first almost full week of school for Maggie and I must say that somehow I am totally exhausted. Despite the fact that I have a couple hours to myself each day, which has been heavenly, I am finding that the times when she is home are way more intense than before. For example, I wake up at 6:30 each morning and hit the ground running. I get the babies up, changed, dressed, and into their high chairs (I made that seem like it's so quick, but it's totally not). Then I have to make sure Maggie is dressed, do her hair, pack her lunch, feed all four of us (Ian has to fend for himself), get myself dressed and all of us out the door by 7:45. I get back from the bus stop around 8:20 and it seriously feels like it should be noon. I am dying for my coffee these days.

I can only imagine how Maggie feels. She has been such a trooper and really loving school, but for the past two days she has gotten pretty upset about getting on the bus. She says she just wants to stay home with me. Sad! And the thing is, I kind of want her to stay home with me! I mean, not really all day every day, but I DO miss her a lot. I find myself wanting the twins to be asleep when she gets home so that she and I can do something together like read or play Barbies or something. Sweet Mag. How fun to have a daughter that I want to spend time with...I just love her.

On a different note, I had a sitter come today for a few hours and it was HEAVENLY! I went to Target all by myself and then to Border's to read for a bit. So fun and I need it so badly every week. What I don't need every week, however, is the woman at the Border's coffee shop making conversation she shouldn't make. I had to give her my name so she could yell it out for everyone to hear and laugh at when my coffee was ready. Well, when I told her my name was Buffy, this is EXACTLY what she said:

"You don't look at all like a Buffy...unlike my cousin (who's named Buffy). She is like THIS big around (and then held up her hand and made a TINY little circle with her thumb and finger). She is so skinny...I hate her."

But I, apparantly, am NOTHING like her cousin.

Did I just get told that I'm fat, big boned, plus sized? Not that there's anything wrong with that, right?

And I was feeling pretty good about myself today too. I had my hair did, my makeup on, real clothes, and even funky shoes. Just goes to show me, I guess. So here's to you, real barista of genius...Misses Insult Your Customers While Serving them Pumpkin Bread and Fattening Drinks Woman...thanks for nothin. Oh, and hold the whipped cream.


Cammie Howard said...

Oh my gosh! That is hilarious! At least she did not yell out FLUFFY! I laughed out loud at your account of that story!! You are so stinkin funny!

I am glad you got a few hours out by yourself, though. I am sure that is treasured time when you get it!

Anonymous said...

Are you allowed to eat lunch with Mags at school? That might be a special treat for a sweet daughter feeling like she is missing something by going to school.
You have loved Maggie greatly because that is what you do. You will know how to continue that!
Meanwhile, know you are blessed with time needed to renew your spirit as well as special time with the twins.
I love you, SW I miss you when I have to wait days for your wonderful stories!

mandy said...

you're too funny buffy. i love reading your blog to see what's brewing in your world.

how about our pirates yesterday?!