Sunday, September 14, 2008

I have a lot to be thankful for...

Today I am thankful for all the people who surround me and take care of me. For Melyssa, Beth, my husband, my small group, Melinda, Sarina, Teresa, Harriet...for Kelly in the ER, for the doctor that didn't have a great bedside manner, but got us what we needed.

Saturday night we spent most of the night in the ER with Zoe. She's ok now, but she ran a really high fever yesterday and was on motrin all day. When we got to the ER it was 105 WITH motrin in her system. I freaked out but tried to stay calm. They ran some tests and decided they needed to do a spinal tap. Yes, a spinal tap. I was freaking out even more.

Long story longer we are home, she is fine but still fussy and needy. We went to the pediatrician yesterday for a follow up and all her tests came back clear, but he thinks she has a mild case of viral meningitis. Seriously? That is so scary. There's nothing they do for it, though. We just have to keep an eye on her, and on Tori and Mag if they get sick. If they stop drinking then it's bad and we have to head back to the hospital.

Of course I am supposed to leave Thursday morning with Maggie to go to the Women's Retreat at Windy Gap. Ian's staying here with the twins. He will definitely need the power of the force while I'm gone.


nicolefiehler said...

buffy...sorry for the stressful wkd! hope zoe is feeling better! and i'm SO sad i won't be at the womens retreat this wkd...just too close to this baby coming to travel! but i'm definitely most sad not to see you, anna, and so many other women i love seeing up there! hope its a great one!

The Ward Family said...

buffy!! Oh my goodness.... I am praying for Zoe right now for total healing and for protection for your family. I hope that your time at Windy Gap is peaceful-- i am so jealous that you get to go! I really need to get there next year-- maybe I can bring Georgia!? xoxox