Saturday, September 27, 2008

Last weekend...

Sorry I've been slacking off lately. It's been nothing short of a zoo around here. Last weekend Maggie and I went to the Women's Retreat at Windy Gap that my friends and I do each year. It was so heavenly to drive up there with just Mag - we stopped at the outlets, went to the bathroom whenever we wanted WITHOUT a stroller, rolled down the windows and sang Hannah Montana at the top of our lungs. It was a blast. The weekend went great and it was fun to be able to have a chance to speak to 300 women about what the Lord has done in my heart and in our lives over the past couple years.

The craziest thing that happened, I think, was that literally all five of my friends either got sick themselves or their kids got sick. Including Maggie. She woke me up in the middle of the night Friday night with a sore throat and a high fever. I took her to the doc in town on Saturday and she had strep, which pretty much set off a string of strep throats throughout our little team. It was crazy, but it was still so fun. I just love my friends - really they are life to me. Just being with the four of them makes me smile. They are my friends who have known me for so long and have loved me through so much. They are a trip, they are beautiful, they are basket cases like me, and I just love them.

I also got to see mom and Jeannie and Sandy, which is always great! And the sweet Jacksonville ladies that made the trip up to camp and had a blast on the ropes course and night swing. Basically the whole thing, though it was exhausting, gave me great joy.

So I'd like to thank my hubby for keeping the twins, my mom and Sandy for sitting with Maggie while I did what I needed to do on the weekend, and for the Sisters of Mercy Clinic in Weaverville for seeing all kids and making them well!

More later. It's just too beautiful of a day to be blogging!

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