Friday, June 20, 2008

Happy Birthday to us

So today is Ian's birthday and Sunday is my birthday. And for our gift this year we get...are you ready...twins with hand, foot and mouth virus! Not to be confused with hoof and mouth disease that cows get. This is a virus that little kids get - Maggie had it years ago - and basically they just have really high fevers, blisters in their throats, won't eat, barely will drink, and are extremely fussy and puny. Fun. It lasts from 3-7 days and we really can't go anywhere because it's super contagious to young children. Oh I forgot to mention that sometimes they get bumps on their mouths, hands and feet and the virus can be followed by an all over body rash, just to top it all off.

I guess we're one better than last year this time, though. Ian was out of town for his birthday, my mom and Sandy were here and the twins were only a month old and we were up all hours of the day and night. At least last night I slept from 2:30-7am. In the middle of the night when I could barely keep my eyes open and was getting a little ticked that I had to get up again, I kept thought about my parents and Ian's mom and the fact that they did this for us numerous times as well when we were little. Thanks Moms and Dad! Seriously, parenting is hard - it's not for weenies.

I probably should go. The twins have been in their cribs "napping" for an hour and what that really means is that they are lying there moaning. So sad.

By the way, tonight at 8 pm is the premiere of Camp Rock on Disney. Just thought you would all want to know that. After all, the Jonas Brothers are so DREAMY! Hilarious. I'll be previewing it before Mag gets to watch it and I must say that I am not looking forward to that preview.


Anonymous said...

What a good mom you are!!
Oh, and HappyBirthday toyou both!!

Margot said...

Camp Rock was a big let-down, no?

The fridge photo of your daughters is beautiful. THank-you so much.

I tagged you on my blog. I barely know what that means. Visit to figure it out.